Happiness is The Eternal Quest of Man

Life simply whizzes past and we are all growing older by the day so it makes sense to enjoy life as ever it comes and not crib about pretty problem. One should maintain harmonious relationship with family members.

Everyone desires happiness. One who does not want it is either a god or a mad man. Though happiness is universal wish, yet only a few are lucky enough to get it. Different people have different ideas about the ways and means through which they can enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, the meaning of happiness is generally misunderstood. Many people fail to differentiate between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is short lived, while happiness is permanent. Pleasure is derived through a satisfaction of the desire of senses while happiness is a matter of soul. Different people suggest different way for getting happiness; some people think happiness can be had through wealth and worldly possession. Worldly pleasures do not constitute life. A millionaire need not be happy person. He may be plagued with a host of problems like loneliness feeble health and lack of genuine friendship.

A life of peace and contentment is essential for happiness. One should be satisfied with what one has. The greater the simplicity of life, the greater the happiness, is a rule universally true. Religion is morality and without morality there can be no happiness in life. It is a matter of common experience that those who are immoral, corrupt or dishonest are never happy in their lives.

Some work is also essential for happiness. An idle man is an unhappy man. Whatever one’s work may be, one must do it with interest and with enthusiasm. Our work may be distasteful to us; still we must do it sincerely and put in our best possible efforts. One who loses interest in his work or does it indifferently can never know real happiness in life. Our work is great blessing for us and there can be no happiness without work.

A healthy mind and healthy body are a permanent source of happiness. As soon as useless worry enters our mind, we should firmly cut the thought short and turn our thoughts into a more productive direction. We have only one life, this one and none of us knows exactly how much time we have left. Making the best of our time, living positively, enjoying ourselves and doing the things we have dreamt of doing will help make each day meaningful.  And then, we will live adding life to our years.

It was Gandhi who said “Happiness depends on what you can give not on what you can receive.” This, I think, is what happiness is all about. Happiness can be felt only from within and can not be derived from worldly possession.

The strength of family happiness is bound by the degree of emotional intimacy among its members. Hence, sufficient time should be set aside for strong bonds to develop in those domestic areas. Planning trips for the whole family is one way to be together for long time to enjoy together.

Even the renowned American Philanthropist Andrew Carnegu has said” The best secret of happiness is renunciation.

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