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How many times have you got bad scores in creative writing class? Or have you get bad scores in other classes because the lectures do not get what you want to say on your paper? It seems that you have a problem in writing. It is common to happen among students that they cannot increase and show their performance in certain subjects not because they do not understand it, but mostly because they lack of writing skill to explain their idea. That is why do not waste your time in creative writing class, as it is important to enhance your capability of writing as soon as possible, so it can be a habituation until your old. Writing is a process, so it is a kind of odd things if you want to be expert in writing only in a night. It is because writing needs progress and the progress requires you more time to learn. 

To be an expert of writing, you should start your step in how to creative writing. This short article will show you how to writing in a creative way, so it looks not only beautiful but also understandable. At first, you can open your mind about the really basic rule and format of writing. It is important for you to get all of these formats on your writing, so your writing organization will look more scholarly. Having scholarly style is not always good anyway. It is because you should also know who your target reader is. If it is too scholarly, teen reader will never get it for their reading. The third one is having further mastery and knowledge about the topic you will write. Before your writing time, you should ensure that you know more things about certain topic so your writing will look inspirational and informative.  

In addition, you should also think of the use of idea organization in your writing. Commonly, writers also take care of the content of writing. As a result, they do not make a good outline and plan to serve their writing in good order no matter it is logical order or chronological order. That is why it is suggested that you should end your study about how to creative writing with a course concerning idea organization. The course will absolutely be helpful for you who want to achieve better writing performance and skill. And then, practicing is always the key of all success stories, so do you. Learning and then practicing is how to creative writing to get better. Not all people are able to do this thing, but with deep willing and seriousness, you will absolutely pass this obstruction and get your achievement as soon as possible. And, after a whole writing course and plan, you should also ensure your title is good enough to catch your readers. A good title is really needed to allow the reader know the essence of your writing result and getting curiosity with that.

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