Know About Computer And Its Memory

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Computers have changed the way we used to live earlier. Presently, everything, whether it’s a home appliance or building, has computerized system installed in it for faster and smoother functionality. However, computer memory plays the most vital role in processing and storage of any important information and database.

Once Bill Gates stated that, “640k is all any computer user will need” (that is about half a megabyte). But with boom in technology, even a gigabyte of RAM is not enough to run applications and store other important documents. Again with the advancement in technology, it’s becoming more difficult to choose the most compatible memory for desktop or laptop.

Basically, there are various types of computer memory used to access and store different type of data. Moreover, every type of memory has its own unique capabilities and specialties for storage and processing. Random Access Memory, commonly known as RAM, is the best computer memory. As the name suggest, any data stored in the computer can be easily accessed by this peripheral in any order. At present, the market is filled with various upgraded RAMs for high storage and better functionality like 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 pc3-8500 – 2x2gb so-dimms and 4gb pc3-8500 ddr3 sdram 1067mhz sodimm memory etc.

Another one is SAM or Sequential Access Memory that is completely opposite to RAM. In this type of memory, data gets stored in a series of memory cells and can be retrieved in order only. Unlike RAM and SAM, the third one is ROM or Read Only Memory.  ROM is an integrated circuit that is programmed with definite data that cannot be altered, that is why; it named “Read Only”.

Including these three, Virtual memory is another type of computer memory. Virtual memory is a customary component in almost every OS and desktop. Actually, this memory helps Ram to be free in order to make way to load other application to be used. Apart from these, there is Cache memory that is used to make your system’s processes faster.

Now, when it comes to choose the best and most suitable memory for your system, consider the following two points:
The memory should be DDR2 or DDR3. For example 4gb 204-pin sodimm ddr3 pc3-8500 and 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 pc3-8500
Always check memory compatibility with your system’s motherboard
Compare memory module specs and prices

Once you have checked the aforementioned two things, it’s time to buy. You can purchase the same from various online shopping portals also. Happy computing!!!


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