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Of course you desire your company to reach the top of the market and make the competitors shake from fear and angst. So, think about the brand name in that way and visualize it after many years. The name must create the impression of greatness.

The brand of a company is one of the most important elements of marketing. It can bring success to the company or ruin it. The name is something which distinguishes a company from the rest of the world. It could have a huge impact on public impression or leave the customers indifferent. Creating and developing a brand requires a creative and open-minded thinking process. It must be representative of your company but at the same time trigger a sort of emotional public response.

Keep in mind all the products you offer, the slogan, the story and the plan of business when you desire to create a brand name. It needs to represent all these features. The brand represents the image you want the world to have about your business. After you have pictured this imagination in detail, you can make up more easily any name for your company. People who will find out about your company will probably make a similar connection.

Prepare a list with all the words and combination of words which came in your mind while thinking about your company. After that, delete the names which don’t fit best with your company’s image. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can think about international or specific to the market language and meaning.

Next, focus on the sound produced by the name you want to pick. If when you hear it spoken out loud, you get an indifferent, damaging or unpleasant feeling, just give it up. Don’t forget to check the connotation of the name in other languages. You wouldn’t want it to offend someone. On the other hand, if some word makes sense when attributed to your company, don’t hesitate to add it to your name’s list.

Words are really expressive and the human mind will automatically link a certain word with a certain image. If there are any famous companies in a market area which are very different from yours, don’t hesitate to bring up names which are affiliated with those companies’ names.

Play with the words and sounds. Use acronyms, synonyms, antonyms and create the best name. If the company has a long name, use acronyms to make it easier to remember. For a name to be remembered, it needs to have a certain flow and rhythm which makes it sound like a poesy. Don’t pick names that are too long or too short.  

After choosing the name, it is time to pick representative colors. Colors make people think about certain emotions. Red can make a person feel strong, romantic or aggressive, while blue can trigger emotions like sadness, serenity or detachment.

Colors complete the whole picture of your company. Depending on the attitude of your company, you can pick a color or a combination of colors. The color palette can be integrated in the design of the product or in the décor of the company. Choose wisely because some colors are inviting and make the customer feel comfortable, while others make them think twice before choosing your service. The customer is not aware of this association they make since it is created in their unconscious mind.

In the end, consult with your friends, colleagues and your customers using surveys about the most representative names from your list. 

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