What You Can Sell And What You Just Can’t!

You can surely sell anything to anybody or actually ‘most of the things to everybody’. There are a few things that you just cannot and must not sell.

We have been discussing throughout how you can sell anything to anyone. This is the time to come out clean about that statement. Can you really sell anything? The point here is that there are some things that you should never sell. Even if it worked for you, if you knew what these things are, you would not sell them.

This is the list:

Illegal items

Our government has a clear demarcation on the legal and illegal items. If you want to live, prosper and get rich living in the society, it is imperative that you do not get involved with selling anything that is illegal. Selling anything illegal is rather stupid since you are putting a lot at risk. You will make a bigger profit selling legal items since there are more buyers for them. You can also market your products freely then increasing your prospect. The profits made with these legal businesses are much more than what you will ever make through an illegal business.


Please do not sell anything that does not belong to you. First is the human factor to consider. Somebody out there spent a lot of time, money, sweat, tears and blood in the development of the product and passing it off as yours in unethical. It could also backfire in a serious way. Customers who look at your products have been through other websites too and know other products as well. The moment they get a look at your product, they know it has been plagiarized. There goes your credibility!

Failed products

Lastly, do not ever rehash old failed products selling them as new. Everybody sees through it. Your name instantly gets associated with the failed product and this kills your popularity.

When you give people freebies, do not forget to keep a record of all those you have given things to or you will break the communication forever. Even when these people want to come back to you for a purchase, they may not know how to if they did not bookmark your site.

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