The 7 Basics Of Selling!

It is surprisingly easy; you will be amazed to see how easy it is to lay down what you need to do. This book will take you through the 7 basics that can help you sell anything to anyone!

That is correct, you can sell anything to anyone with these 7 basic requirements. When used in the correct amount and at the correct time, you can sell anything to just about anybody…you must have heard the ‘selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo’? That’s exactly what you can achieve with these!

1st Basic – The Background

Setting up your customer for the sale is of paramount importance. You can pep up your potential buyer to their maximum so they just can’t wait to buy from you!

2nd Basic – make the product seem necessary

If it isn’t important for them, they will not buy it. This makes it important that you really talk about the uses of the product. Once you market it well as the product that is so useful, there won’t be much interest about it!

3rd Basic – make yourself important

Your product may be important, but is there any reason they should buy it from you? What makes you better than your competitor? You need to explain this to customer. They need to know why you and your product for your customer than the competitor for him to consider you.

4th Basic – set off the alarms

Make sure people know what an amazing offer you have that will not last for long. This makes them act soon. Offer anything like a discount for a limited time period. A sense of urgency like this brings in greater sales.

5th Basic – freebies

Giving away free gifts may set you back right now but is a great long term sales strategy. This ensures you have continued sales.

6th Basic – commitment

Your customers should be assured you will be there even when they have bought the product, it is like a guarantee for the buyer.

7th Basic – hold their interest

Generating continued interest in your product is important to win over the die hard customers. There are some people out there who will never fall for the first sales pitch; you need to hold their interest for long!

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