Selling -Keep Their Interest Alive

There aren’t many people out there who will purchase your product at the first go. It becomes very important for you to continue to hold their interest.

There are very few instances when you will sell your products at the first go. There will surely be sales page conversions, they will be lower initially though. When selling through a physical store, it is quite possible that despite offering guaranteed purchases, the conversion on expensive products remains low.

So, what can you do make that sale go through? The most important thing is to keep their interest going. We spoke about building lists and try to convert them in an earlier chapter. These are the people for whom we build the lists. They may buy but they need that push for it. Once you have them on your list, continue to promote your products and offers through emails and newsletters. However, keep in mind never to send them material without their permission or you will get the worse label you can online – spam! That is the worse tag you could get when in the online business.

Make sure you are sending in quality material which really rouses their interest. Research on the niche and figure out what really drives them. Maybe they like figures and numbers, DIY kind of tips or the ‘how-to’ type material. Whatever interests them, make sure you keep feeding them the material regularly.

You need to hold their interest. They may have gotten interested in your products when they visited you first but could be losing interest now. When you send them a useful email, you rouse their dead interest once again.

If this has been going on for too long without a favorable response, offer them another e-book to download or newsletter subscription for free. It surely works.

You could even have another marketer give away freebies with you, such collaborations can be mutually beneficial.

Those who are selling through physical stores can also announce new offers and inform people through the post. However, for regular marketing, nothing beats the internet. You will always benifit from being internet savvy!

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