Selling – Make The Product Necessary!

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Nobody makes purchases on a whim anymore. The recent economic troubles have made everybody sit up and take notice of money. This does not mean that it is a bad time to start a business. People still do have the money, they are just more conscious of it and spend wisely now. What was still prevalent till about 3 years ago in the way of frivolous spending has surely diminished. Maybe they will begin spending like that again but till such time it is your job to make them see why your product is really necessary for them!

This is what makes the second basic of selling – making people understand why they should buy your products.

Your sale page could be anything – an advert, a sales page, newspaper or magazine advertisement – the focus must always be on what the product does for people. You need to inform your prospective customers about the benefits of your product. People must know what they get for their money and the more clear you are about it, the better.

Once people are sure they are getting something they will find useful, they will not mind spending the money. Your product should be a real item of utility for them.

It is important to keep in mind that people cannot see what you do not tell them. You could be selling a vacuum cleaner but unless you outline all the advantages of a vacuum cleaner, they may not bother buying one. Its mere existence does not guarantee that it will be bought. You want to see your product selling, make a list of the advantages of your product and put it up in the mall where it is selling and on your sales page and see it begin selling. You will actually hear people say things like, “Look Samantha, I won’t have to keep changing the power point, this one has a really long extension cord on it.” “Yes, Rebecca and look it doesn’t need much power either.”

This is what it relates to – people talk themselves into buying your product when you make it look useful to them. Your customers can convince themselves to buy.


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