Sell Yourself Well With A Great Story!

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We live in a really competitive world today. Even as you put something on your sales page, you need to be careful it does not sound like it has been lifted off from one of your competitors. You are continuously looking for something different and special to put on your sales page that will make it noticeable and draw the attention of your potential customer.

Can you think of anything else that will work better than a story? No, this is not about Aesop’s fables! How about coming up with a story about how the product came about or how you began the business? It surely will add that human touch to your sales page.

So you think you do not have a story? Impossible! Everybody has a story. You just have to look for it. Was there any kind of trouble when you were coming up with the product? Maybe the troubles were so bad, you almost did not make it – there is your story! Maybe the product was the result of a sudden inspiration and you got into this business. That is also a great story idea. Another great idea is to be able to tell how your product changes somebody’s life or made a huge contribution to it. You could even get a testimonial with a picture of them and a signature to display on your sales page. Undoubtedly, such things do wonders to your sales.

A testimonial is no different from a story. It is a story about how a customer used your product and the way it changed their lives. It is advantageous to get a testimonial since it is somebody else’s story about your product and is sure to draw the reader’s attention. Either way, stories work for sure, whether they are your own stories or a testimonial of users.

However, keep in mind that the language of this story is very important. It could be a great story but if written in a bad language, it will kill the appeal. Go ahead and look for a professional writer from any Freelancing website to do the job for you. Provide them with the idea and they come up with a great tale out of it that appeals to your readers.

A story really does sell!


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