Give Free Gifts- Make The Customer Accountable

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Ever heard of “give and you shall receive”? When it comes to salesmanship, this couldn’t be truer.

When you choose to give away free gifts from your salespage or wherever else you may be selling them through, you achieve a few things together.

      You offer people a sample of the quality of your products. In case your gift is good, people will always believe that the real thing has to be great too.

      This allows you to begin a new channel for communication with your potential customers. You break the ice by offering them something for free. Now you can make them interested in other things as well.

      You prove your credibility. People instantly think you surely have other products that are equally well made.

      More than all of this, you send them on an emotional trip. When you give them something for free, it is like telling them – now that I have given you something for free, you can pay me back by buying something from me. If they were contemplating whom to buy a product from, now that you have given them something for free, you will be their first choice for the purchase.

This is a great strategy widely used in online marketing. Marketers set up a blog and offer people free newsletters and e-books. In exchange, they ask them for their email addresses. This way they build up a list and begin tapping into it to promote their products and offers soon. Since people have tried their free products, they are more likely to purchase something from them.

When you give people freebies, do not forget to keep a record of all those you have given things to or you will break the communication forever. Even when these people want to come back to you for a purchase, they may not know how to if they did not bookmark your site. Hence, it is important to remind people to bookmark your site, use RSS feeds with sites like StumbleUpon or Digg so they know where to find you. Above all, keep them on your mailing list and continue to send them offers and updates. 


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