How to Effectively Use Grocery Store Coupons – Are Your Coupons Really Helping You Save?

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Grocery store coupons are indeed very popular when it comes to helping shoppers make a lot if savings at the grocery store. But there is more to using grocery store coupons than just printing one after the other, or entering coupon codes from one online retailer store to the next.

In truth, no matter how helpful grocery store coupons are, there is an effective and efficient way of using them. If you are not familiar with them, some grocery store coupons may prove to be more harmful than helpful for you if they prompt you to spend more money that you normally would or if you end up purchasing so much items and products that you really do not need just because you have grocery store coupons for them.

Clearly, it is important to know how you should consume your free grocery store coupons so that you end up with the best benefits and biggest rewards off them. To get the most value for your grocery store coupons, here is a guide that is sure to set you on the right path.

1. Grocery store coupons are best used in purchasing the smallest sizes of products, travel sizes, or trial sizes. Often, you will get bigger savings this way, even get the product that you want for free! For example, if there is a $2 smaller size pasta sauce and a bigger size one that costs $3.50, use your $1 grocery store coupon to purchase the smaller size. Why? Because this will have you spending $1 only instead of $2.50. Clearly, this lowers the cost and realizes the goal of using grocery store coupons.

2. Where do you use grocery store coupons that give you more value for your money? The answer is on the items that you frequently use. It is very wise to spend your grocery store coupons on regular products that you consume everyday like toothpaste, cereals, and other similar items than use your grocery store coupons to buy things that you do not normally purchase and use! If you buy something just because of a free grocery store coupon, that is not savings for you! The best thing to do is work on a list of the items that you need to buy and pair them with free grocery store coupons that you have. This is the best way for you to gain huge discounts for real. The only exception to this rule is when you see an exceptionally huge value off a product or when a brand is on sale already and you double the savings by using grocery store coupons.

3. There are grocery stores who only allow you to present one grocery store coupon at a time and obviously if this is the case, there is no sense in using a $.40 coupon at a counter who does not offer double coupons when you could have gotten $.80 off at another store. There are other stores who allow you to double, even triple grocery store coupons and these are the places that you should be to earn more savings for your pocket. The only exception is when you are trooping to a grocery store that has an already cheaper overall price than most stores that you end up purchasing items that are still cheaper compared to other grocery stores.

4. Make sure you consider the value of a grocery store coupon before you decide to use it and make a purchase. It pays to read the fine print on your free grocery store coupons first before taking them to the counter. There are some who mask the real value of their grocery store coupons and trick customers to using them thinking that they are gaining huge discounts when the truth is otherwise. For example, you have a free grocery store coupon for $1 when you buy a box of four cereals. You may think this is good but if you divide the amount of the coupon by the number of the items, the total per item discount that you are getting is only $.25. Ask yourself if this is a good deal because you are only saving $.25 and possibly buying more than you need so think wisely before you purchase your grocery store coupons to truly make the savings count!


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