How Will You Master The Art of Speaking?

Hitler is perhaps the most dreaded and hated person of the past century, his deeds made him synonymous with atrocities and torture. However, we usually miss out an important aspect of his personality, which created a charisma among the Germans and actually made him “The Furher” (supreme commander) of Germany – His oratory skills. Hitler, Churchill, Pt. Nehru are some of the examples which give us an idea as to how effective and marvelous speech can have phenomenal impact on people. It explains the “Power of speech” which if exercised in a definite manner can create wonders. If powerfully conveyed ideas can make people follow someone like Hitler, then it can do anything; even give a boost to your career (obviously it will bring more business and more business means happy employers). And, therefore, nowadays, many employers particularly look out for candidates who have exceptional speaking skills. Consequently, many such companies offering Career counseling service, presently focuses on how to make a candidate (fresher and seasoned professionals) “effective speaker”.

It is a common theory that orators (here read them as speakers) are born and not created; well I would not totally agree with this particular theory. Though there are certain traits which are inborn, one always has the scope to develop and acquire a distinct skill with hard work, determination and constant practice. So, it would be unfair to say that no one can master the art of speech. You will find many individuals who are into Career counseling services, giving some very useful and easy suggestions, which will for sure help you to become an articulate speaker.

Nurture the talent:
It is said that we hardly use 3% of your total potential. So, explore your talents and come out of the cocoon. Practice a lot to bring perfection and brush up the skills. There are many campus recruitment companies and personality development classes will give you some tips and guidance to improve your proficiency in expressing your thoughts and making it more articulate. You can even read some books or become a part of some workshops, which specially targets on making you expressive. Remember one thing it is the inner strength and never say die spirit that will nurture your talent.

Build your confidence:
Confidence is the main component for good public speaking. So, if you are appearing for an interview or have to give a speech or presentation, avoid fillers like ‘a’. It shows your nervousness and fears. Be confident, have a clear picture of what you want to convey. Many career counseling service providers make the candidate speak in front of mirrors so to help them overcome their stage or public fear. Even role plays (interviewer and candidate) will help you shed your inhibition and fears.

Give example:
Illustrations from day-to-day events or of some famous personality (As I have given the example of Hitler) will make the listener relate with your thoughts. Giving example works like glue; will make the listener or audience stick to their seats. So, many counselors working with the Campus recruitment companies ask their candidates to use live examples to make their thoughts simplified and interesting.

Honesty is the best policy:
Be yourself – Do not try to put up a mask, it will not create an impression on others. (Even the politicians try to be honest while giving speech). According to some professionals working in the field of Career counseling service being too assertive or arrogant will put off the audience, an approachable attitude will help you make an appeal.

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