Why Natural Skin Care Products Are Now Beginning To Overshadow Their Chemical Based Cousins

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In a way, the resurrection of natural skin care products is a perfect example of how history has a tendency to repeat itself. Centuries ago, everyone used natural remedies for all sorts of things, including skin care, but then along came overzealous businessmen, and before long, we witnessed the birth of giant skin care manufacturers. As most of us know, these huge corporations were spurred on by nothing other than unimaginable profits.

Slowly but surely, we have seen quality standards plummet, despite the fact that prices have climbed steadily, as have profit margins. How is this even possible? Surely quality should improve in direct proportion to increasing prices? Of course all the big manufacturers will argue that the quality of their products has improved, but has it really? I know the quality of packaging has improved, and so has the quality of modern advertising, but I personally don’t see much improvement in the quality of their skin care products. Do their latest moisturizers moisturize more now than they did 20 years ago. Are their latest anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging serums any more effective now than they were 10 years ago?

Let us face it; 10 years ago there wasn’t a single brand name cream on the market capable of eliminating lines and wrinkles, and there still aren’t. Why then, are we paying so much more for creams and lotions today than we were just a few years ago?

Even more alarming is the fact that many of the popular brands have become seriously harmful as the years have passed. These days manufacturers are increasingly turning to the use of powerful chemicals in a bid to deliver visible results, even if those results are only short lived. For example, manufacturers will add chemicals to an anti-wrinkle serum which are known to cause irritation and mild swelling. This swelling then serves to smooth out fine lines for several hours.

The average consumer witnesses the result, and because they have lost all hope of a long term solution, they are willing to settle for temporary results, while at the same time giving little thought to what the long term effects might be. The good news is that people are slowly but surely starting to notice these blatant acts of deceit. With most people now having access to the internet, skin care manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their secrets from the eyes of the public, and this is of course why natural skin care products are these days enjoying such rise in popularity.

Unlike their chemical based cousins, natural products don’t contain cancer causing ingredients, just as they don’t contain cheap industrial by-products from the petrochemical industry. No matter what any of the big name manufacturers’ claim, several of the ingredients they routinely use have been shown to cause adverse health problems. While some of the health problems are only of little concern, others have the potential to be life threatening. Do skin care manufacturers care? Of course they don’t, so long as they see their profits increasing


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