Secrets of Natural Beauty, Just be Friend With Nature

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Naturally beautiful, of course it is sought every woman. However, in their daily life, women are familiar with makeup. Unfortunately, the presence of the chemicals commonly used in cosmetics women. The chemicals used to help maintain quality, preserve and enhance the efficacy of the cosmetic itself. Proper use of chemicals (not harmful) and the appropriate dose is one requirement for an effective product to beautify the face.

use of natural ingredients for beauty can minimize side effects than chemicals. That is why, today many cosmetic products that use organic materials. For natural beauty, you can use the materials in the kitchen or your home. Natural materials such as these, generally have few side effects which can also make you beautiful without spending much money. What are the materials? And what benefit?

You can use the following natural ingredients to make yourself more beautiful in nature and certainly ageless in a way that is easy and natural:


Benefits of honey for beauty has been known since long. Beneficial honey to moisturize the skin and reduce skin irritation. Put honey on the lips will also moisturize your lips so avoid chapped lips.

Aloe Vera

Many people use aloe vera or aloe vera to obtain a lush, dark hair. Mucus in the aloe vera can prevent rapid fluid out of the skin so skin moisture can be maintained. The resulting sense of cool aloe vera is also beneficial for treating burns.

Green Tea

Pollution is one cause of skin damage. To prevent this, you can consume 6 cups of green tea a day. Green tea contains many antioxidants. Using green tea is believed to protect skin from free radicals that come from food or pollution so as to prevent wrinkles on the skin.


Avocado fruit is rich in benefits. The content of vitamin E contained in the fruit is used for softening and natural moisturizer for the face. You can also use avocado to moisturize dry hair.


Ginger has many uses in the health field. But, it turns out ginger is also beneficial for beauty. Warmth can be obtained from ginger blood circulation and tightens the skin so it can make the face more beautiful. You can also prevent the occurrence of stretchmarks with a massage using grated ginger. In using ginger to the skin, should be tested first to avoid irritation to the skin.


Apart from being a delicious beverage, coffee can be used as a scrub to smooth the skin.


For those of you who have problems with dry skin or dry hair, use a coconut can be a solution. Coconuts are processed into virgin coconut oil (VCO) has a high content of lauric acid that serves as an antibacterial.


The content of grape seeds and skins of grapes are rich in antioxidants. Wine so beneficial to improve elasticity and protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet light. Wine contains linoleic and polyphenols that can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and serves as a natural anti-aging.


The benefits of soy for health and beauty was not in doubt. Soybeans can be used to brighten the skin. As for hair, soy can prevent hair so as not to dry and easily managed.


Lemon is often used for the antibacterial face thus preventing acne. You also can remove dry skin on heels, elbows or knees to rub lemon on the section. If your skin is sensitive, try to use it behind the ears to see if your skin is allergic or not.


In addition to snacks that are very popular, it was another benefit of a beautiful brown. For example, mask chocolate has many benefits for the skin, for example, serves to maintain softness, moisturize, tighten and refine the skin. Chocolate can also slow the aging of the skin, including the prevention of wrinkles on the face.


By using enzin papaya containing papain, you can remove the top layer of dead skin on the surface of the skin, eliminating black spots and smoothing skin color. Papaya contains vitamin A and vitamin C that act as antioxidants.


This flower is a basic ingredient for aromatherapy that can calm the mind. For the skin, lavender can enhance the regeneration of cells and kills bacteria that cause acne.


This beautiful symbol of love flower can be used as astrigent that serves to minimize pores and reduce oil on the face. Using the rose oil can moisturize your face and reduce facial flushing.

Olive oil

You can use olive oil, because the content of this oil can soften and make the skin more supple.

sesame oil

Besides its function Untk cooking oil works to smooth and soften the skin, hair or nails are cracked.


In addition to being good to eat fruit as well as a delicious juice, strawberries are also useful for preventing skin becomes dull. Strawberry fruit that contains salicylic acid which is very good for your skin. In addition, antioxidant substances help repair skin damage caused by the environment are not good. These acids can also shrink the pores and brighten skin. One thing you can do is use the strawberry mask.


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