The Keys to Success

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The environment plays a huge role as it is quite inevitable – particularly our inner environment.

A calm relaxed individual is far more likely to come out a winner in a trying situation than his/her counterpart – a person who his nervous frustrated and erratic. The former has his senses fully identified with the environment in which he places himself.

However, the restless individual does not understand the environment and consequently gets into trouble. The keywords are focus, concentration and care in whatever you do in life.

1. Develop a definite and a clear-cut goal/aim.

2. Draw up a wise workable plan/program.

3. Guard your health. Without health there is no real wealth.

4. You must conserve your energy.

5. Be honest in your life (in words, deeds, thoughts and actions).

6. Stick to virtues and adopt good principles.

7. Reflect upon ideal personalities and seek strength from their philosophy.

8. Seek divine guidance and be truthful.

9. Endeavor to help and serve others with gratitude.

10. Always think positive and believe in the power of God.

Transformative thinking is indeed the way to success. Set out a plan to achieve your goal and deliberately ruminate over the meaning of this plan and make it happen.

From time immemorial great people from all walks of life have emerged as true victors and the reason behind this is training the mind for happiness. Ethical discipline is essential, particularly self-discipline.

Each individual is unique. What is good for person A may not be suitable for person B. However, it has to be emphasized that all can enjoy quietude, solitude and silence, and to be honest every individual irrespective of age, caste, creed, color, sex has at some stage or another experienced peace.

After discovering through trial and error method, you can determine the precise way to compose your mind body complex and thus attain great heights.

Meditation may not be effective for all, but that does not mean that you do not improvise such methods as and when required.

Be systematic, and your only goal should be to employ methods that bring you success and happiness.

Our mental faculties determine our actions, and it is quite obvious that the mind should be tamed and subdued. Constant vigilance is necessary and continuous training of the mind will pave the path to ultimate success.

Do not fall prey to the dictates of your mind!

Optimistic, heroic and noble ideals have a powerful and uplifting effect upon the body. Enthusiasm with deliberate well-orchestrated self-application in joyous mood and absolute optimism is the secret path to wealth for all great men.


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