Planning to Hosting or Have a baby shower

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Planning a baby shower

Think about how many people you are comfortable in inviting. The event should be funded by the mother-to-be family or friends. Write down the women that will help with the event and plan for at least one organization meeting to assign the following duties:

– Setup at location before event

– Servers

– Game leader

– Scribe for presents

– Picture taker

– Clean up after event

Host are responsible for the following:

– Mailing of invitations

– Working with mom to be (MTB) for theme and activities questionaire

– Personal assistant to MTB during the baby shower

Once you have your team, select a location that will comfortably hold approximately half of the people invited. As everyone invited will not be able to attend the event. Ensure your team has a planning meeting to run through their parts.

Send out RSVP for the event early to allow for planning of the catering or ordering of food. You should plan for a 3-4 items per person ratio. For example if you are serving small cookies or sandwiches. Order enough so the guests will be able to get at least 3 small sandwiches. Although many will take 2 treats extra invited guests will also be able to eat.

 Select baby shower games to get everyone who attends involved. If the men are coming to the shower too you may want to have some level of many games available to them.

 Plan for the theme and party favors. Ask the mother to be the room theme for the baby. Form the shower theme around the same products and items as the baby’s room. Keepsake of the shower will be symbolic of the planning for the child.

 Ordering party favors from the internet or select them in the store. If ordering via the internet ensure they arrive on time and the name is spelled correctly. Take time to count the items and set one set aside for the keepsake book.


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