Tanjung Resang, Malaysia's Best Kept Secret.

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Peninsular Malaysia is a land of expansive wilderness and an almost unimaginable abundance of wildlife. In particular the Malaysian East Coast is blessed with huge swathes of raw natural splendor. In fact, the Endau-Rompin State Park jungle, at 130 million years old, has been determined to be the world’s oldest rain forest, and is said to be the home of the elusive Sumatran Rhino even today.

Just a stone’s throw away from  Endau-Rompin State Park lies Tanjung Resang, a relatively unknown off-the-beaten-track area so stunning in its visual beauty, it can best be described as Malaysia’s best kept secret.

Tanjung Resang is located like a natural retreat. Ensconced between a stretch of pristine beach as far as the eye can see on one side and a jagged dense jungle treeline on the other, Tanjung Resang simply breathes tranquility.

Given the area’s innumerable untouched habitats, it will come as no surprise the hear that Tanjung Resang has countless hiking opportunities that feature exotic flora and fauna. In fact, Tanjung Resang’s eco-tourism potential is tremendous. While there, I spotted snakes, monkeys, wild boars, huge flying foxes, eagles, otters, a porcupine, a scorpion, civet cats and dozens of exotically-plumed birds. While at sea, I sighted my share of dolphins and even spotted a pilot whale surfacing during an SUP paddling expedition.

Speaking of the sea, sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts will find Tanjung Resang a treat during the November-February monsoon, as this is when 20-25 knot nor’easterlies blow virtually non-stop. The rest of the year, the prevailing SE/SW winds are somewhat tempered by Tanjung Resang’s terrain, creating ideal conditions for more recreational sailing, deep-sea fishing and scuba-diving.

If you enjoy Malaysian cuisine, you’re in luck because even though secluded, Tanjung Resang is never a far drive to one of the half a dozen or so family-run resorts or a mom and pop eatery. Try the mouth-watering traditional delicacies like nasi lemak, sateh, kueh or kerupuk lekor.

Tanjung Resang remains, for now, relatively undiscovered. It won’t be found in Malaysia’s holiday brochures, nor in overseas tourist publications promoting Malaysia’s many more glamorous attractions. This makes Tanjung Resang a gem in its own right.

Tanjung Resang, Malaysia’s best kept secret.


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