Some Easy Tips For Quitting Smoking

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We have included our own research and tips for you here. just go through them as a preliminary to start your own smoke free life!

 Quit right now – for long term results, this is the best and most effective strategies ever to quit cigarettes.

      Never keep cigarettes on you.

      Begin quitting one day at a time – Do not even think about a year from today, months, weeks or even tomorrow. Simply concentrate on not smoking today when you wake up and remaining quit till you hit the sack at night.

      Change your attitude to the cessation – Do not think of it as a sacrifice, rather think of it as a favor you are doing yourself. Think of it this way – you are freeing your body of smoking since you care about yourself.

      Be happy and proud of yourself that you are not lighting up anymore.

      Acknowledge the fact that there will be certain activities or situations that will make you pine for a smoke. Some of these situations include drinking coffee or alcohol, being at the bar or a social event with people who smoked with you earlier, the end of a meal or a card game. While you continue to remain quit, try to keep your daily routine the same. Whenever any event/ situation becomes too difficult to handle, leave it to come back later. You do not have to give up any of your old activities forever just because you are an ex-smoker. In fact, you may do the activities much better as a non-smoker.

      Make a list of all the reasons why you must quit smoking for good and keep it where you used to keep your cigarettes. Everytime there is an urge, you will find it instead of the cigarettes and read it often.

      Drink a lot of fruit juices the first three days, it will help flush out the nicotine from your body.

      To help you fight weight gain, eat plenty fruits and vegetables instead of sugar and sweets. You can use carrots and celery as a substitute for cigarettes initially!

      If you are worried about weight gain, begin a steady exercise regimen. If you have not been exercising regularly, ask your doctor for a suitable program.

      If you ever come across a crisis like sickness in the family or a flat tire, always remember that a smoke does not solve anything. It will only serve to complicate matters bringing about a new crisis with your return to the addiction.

      Begin thinking of yourself as a ‘smoke-a-holic’. If you take a single puff, you will only soon return to your old level of addiction. Even if you have been off smoking for a long period, even a single puff is not OK.

      Stop any thought process that argues about your need for a cigarette in its bud. Smoking is always an all or nothing deal.

      Collect all the money you save from not buying cigarettes and treat yourself with something you always wanted to buy after a month or so. If you save this money for a year, you can actually treat yourself to a holiday!

      Anytime you have a craving, try deep breathing.

      Go to places where you cannot smoke like to the movies, the library or a restaurant.

      Let everybody around you know you have quit smoking.

      Always keep in mind that there are only 2 reasons why you may want to go back to smoking. You can decide if you want to get back to your old level of the addiction till either smoking lames you for life or kills you. If neither of these options sounds appealing to you, do not pick up that cigarette.


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