The Correct Information For Quitting Smoking

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As per this consideration, the correct decision may seem like not trusting me. But before you make your decision, there is just one more group that you must consider first. This is the crucial group of people who bear credibility to you and consists of your family members and friends and acquaintances in life who have quit smoking and have kept off any nicotine products for a period of 12 months or more by now.

This book will allow you to discover the ways those ex-smokers adopted to actually quit smoking. These are the long term ex-smokers who have remained quit for a year or more by now. You will soon figure out that few maybe none know me.

You will also find out that most of them had earlier quit but relapsed, they had used all kinds of techniques that are seconded by professionals and perhaps some of them had help from pros on quitting attempts as well. What you will also find out is that not all of them have used any of the traditional ways to quit and yet, they got advice that helped them quit and remain quit till now.

Another fact you are bound to unearth once you begin speaking to ex-smokers is that they just quit smoking one fine day and then stayed quit with their strong resolve and dedication. Go ahead and speak to several of them and you are likely to get similar stories from all ex-smokers.

At the same time, why not speak to a few smokers as well? Check to see how many of them have used one of the thousands of products in the market for quitting and taken help and advice from the pros. A lot of professional advice will always include usage of nicotine products and other pharmacological aids. Go ahead and question your ex-smoker friends and family members and see how many had actually paid heed to this advice.

Then there is another piece of advice I read from the cessation authorities that said that temporary relapses are human and you should not let it deter you from your resolve to quit. It is important, however, to understand that a single puff can completely destroy all your quitting attempts.

If you are paying heed to the advice, “do not allow one error to make you sink back into smoking”, you may have in reality already seen what little control you have after that ‘one puff’.

Our advice to you for successfully quitting is to simply quit. What we advice is to make a resolve and then stick to it right from the start – once you decide, just do not pick up another cigarette. The best way to do this is to talk to a few ex-smokers who have been able to keep it quits and ask them what they did and how they managed.

You will soon realize it is not about comparing me with all the professionals out there. It is about matching up all those long term ex-smokers to the advice you get from the world’s professionals. Once you do your research, you will see I am just one the voices among the many who can show how to really quit smoking and stay quit. Quit smoking today…do not ever pick up another cigarette, come what may…start now!


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