Quit Smoking: Today Is The Deadline

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Most people think that those who quit must put a lot of time and thought in planning when to quit with elaborate plans, designs, stop dates and following a strict protocol till the magical day arrives. In reality, this kind of plan is not what quitters follow in life.

 You need to take note that I am referring to real life quitting and not the online quitting which is rampant nowadays with people taking part in online sites, spending lots of time to read and design there quitting strategies before they actually take that first step. Some people acknowledge the fact that they were involved in extensive reading for weeks before they even tried to quit smoking.

When you are doing your research, talk to people who have quit smoking and stayed quit for a considerable amount of time now. Theres is the strategy that really worked since they did manage to quit and stay quit all this time. Start speaking with everybody you know who has remained without nicotine for over a year now and figure out how they began. You will be amazed to find out how consistent their replies are!

Almost all of them will fall under one of these categories of people:

      Those who woke up one morning sick of smoking as a habit and gave up instantly, they never looked back since.

      Those who got sick and quit. These are not those who got sick due to smoking, just a common cold or the flu which made them too sick to eat or smoke. They have the infection for a few days and as they start getting better, they realize they have been without a smoke for all these days and want to continue it. They stick to their knew smoke free lives and never turn back.

      Those who have been warned by a doctor to either quit smoking or give up on life! For them, the decision has been almost made by the physician who has told them that their lives are at stake if they continue smoking.

If you read again, you will see that all of them have something in common and that is the manner of quitting. They just stopped smoking one day. The reason for quitting may have been different but the overall strategy has remained the same. One other thing you may have noticed is that none of them have an actual long term plan, they were all impromptu decisions. There was some sort of an external factor and all these kinds of individuals quit smoking right away.

It is really recommended to take on this study of those around you. Speak to real ex-smokers you know around you, from family to neighbors or acquaintances and colleagues. Talk to smokers you knew, interview those who you knew when you quit and also those who you know now as ex-smokers. The more you do this, the more clearly you will understand how people quit and how they remain quit. I can’t stress on this enough – stop smoking by quitting one day just like that and all people stay quit due to the simple knowledge that those who breathe free do not ever pick up another cigarette.


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