Quit Smoking Today And Breathe Free!

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This is the best bet you have of breaking your addiction to the biggest terror that has ever hit human kind. In fact, close to 5 million people across the globe loose their lives to smoking each year.

Most of those who have succumbed to this lethal poison were aware of the dangers and even wanted to quit while there was still time but just did not know how to quit this life taking addiction. One fact you must know is that smoking is not a very complicated addiction and the dependency can easily be broken easily. It just seems like a difficult addiction to break, in reality, it isn’t so!

There are certainly several around us who smoke till their last breath and they could have easily stopped if they wanted to. The only reason they couldn’t quit is that they did not know what they needed to stop and more than that, they weren’t sure how to quit and then STAY QUIT.

If you continue reading this book, you will surely read the phrase ‘quit and stay quit’ several times. It could be annoying to repetitively read it but it is the only important thing that will help you quit.

It is quite heartening to know that there are millions out there who have successfully quit and remained quit to lead a happy smoke free life. As you continue reading more and more about smoking, you will begin to get an understanding of why you smoke and more reasons as to why you must quit. You will also get an image of how your life will change once you have quit.

Once you begin reading this book written especially with you in mind, everytime you will come to parts in a page with information that is related to you. Each time you get to these points, you will also find out information on how you can be smoke free today. By the time you get to the end of the book, you will get all the tools and reasons that are required for you to be able to care for your own health and maybe even save your life!


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