Quit Smoking: Living Day By Day

When you are working a quitting smoking, it is no different from any other trauma. Other than that ‘do not ever pick up another cigarette’, taking each day as it comes is another key strategy. This strategy will hold good when you are trying to stay away from the stronghold of nicotine addiction.

When you quit smoking, this taking each day as it comes tactic works the best for those individuals who are sure they will not smoke again in their lives. For the first time, the smoker is quitting and may not really be sure if he will want to give it up for life. There is always a fancy of a non-smoker’s life in hell with added dreadfullness.

It is only after quitting that a smoker realizes that what he thought about life as an ex-smoker was not really true. The life of a non-smoker is fresh, healthy and of more significance without any agitation. At this point, the thought of going back to smoking will sound undesirable! Even though you are no more afraid of your supposed sad life without smoking, it is wise to continue taking each day slowly day by day.

As a non-smoker, you will surely have your share of bad days too. There could be an unpleasant situation socially, stress at work or home, or any other situation that would be a tip to smoke earlier. This is when that feeling to light up again is at the maximum. In such a situation, this policy works the best. Just tell yourself, you won’t smoke for today and think about tomorrow when it comes.

The strong urge to light up a cigarette will end momentarily and tomorrow, you probably won’t consider picking one up. Keep in mind though that this strategy to take each day as it comes is not merely to fight an impulse. You need to make it a way of life. Sometimes an ex-smoker might think that they do not have to take it on a daily basis anymore.

An ex-smoker goes through without smoking for the remainder of his life. So, now that he has successfully quit smoking, when is the ideal time for him to congratulate himself for having quit and remain quit? When you are old, you may have another achievement to remember!

Every day is when an ex-smoker must remind himself that his day will be free of smoke. And every night, he must congratulate himself for having stuck to his resolve to remain quit. It is imperative that you indulge in a healthy amount of pride in your achievement.

It is important and well deserved since if you have quit smoking, you have broken free from a dangerous addiction. After years, maybe decades, you have not been commanded by the power of a cigarette, instead you now have command over your life…it is definitely something to be proud of!

So tonight, congratulate yourself and say to yourself, “another day without smoking, I fee great”. Tomorrow when you wake up, tell yourself, “I will do this for another day, I will think about tomorrow when it comes.” In order to be successful with your endeavor to quit and remain quit, you need to take each day as it comes and never fall for another cigarette at all.

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