Quit Smoking Affirmations You Can Use

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However, you need not put any references in your affirmations because you already remain with the notion that smoking is pleasurable. Since this idea is so deep rooted in your subconscious, any idea regarding smoking will trigger a desire to smoke. You can use affirmations to stress on the advantages of not smoking and do not bring up smoking at all! This chapter will give you some instances of such affirmations.

 A Few Affirmations

      I love it when I can breathe easily and freely.

      I love to take good care of my body.

      I always continue nurturing my body with healthy habits.

      I love to have a clean and fitter body.

      If I change my mind, I can change my habitual patterns.

      Honor and respect for myself is of paramount importance.

      I have enough strength to deal with any challenges.

      I have the power to accomplish anything I want.

Using affirmations

When working with affirmations, recite them repetitively and with complete concentration. Reciting these affirmations is not just restricted to saying the words out aloud, you need to bring forward the connected feelings as well. For example, if you say, “I have the power to accomplish anything I want”, you need to make an attempt to feel powerful. If mastering your emotions doesn’t come easy for you, there is certainly some practice required. However, once you begin doing this on a regular basis, it will surely become easier.

It is also important to repeat the affirmations through the day. This is because you are trying to reverse the notions you already live with in your subconscious.

We have added a few affirmations in this chapter for you but you can go ahead and add your own there too. It will take sometime for the affirmations to replace the old beliefs and thought processes but with repetition and reinforcing them, you will help them become a part of life!

The problem here is that most of us do not realize exactly how bad the situation is. Most smokers get really overpowered when they acknowledge truly the many negatives of smoking. For long term success, it is important to understand that to quit is a long drawn battle for survival. This is a very important thing to remember especially when as a non-smoker, you will be faced with situations and events that urged you to light up.


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