Do You Know What Is Fear?

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For instance, if you are afraid of something that cannot hurt you in any way such as spiders or something that you just cannot keep off such as old age, to be run down by a vehicle or catching a cold; in these cases, your fear is unhealthy. It will only function by making you distressed and paralyzed whenever you think about it.

Healthy fears can be considered when someone stops to smoke so that he does not get lung cancer. This is healthy since the danger is real and there are measures that can be taken to prevent it.

There are lot of fears such as fear of dying, fear of parting ways with people we love, fear of terrorists, fear of commitment, fear of losing control, fear of failing, fear of losing a job, fear of being rejected and the list can go on. However, most of the above fears have roots in delusions, with a garbled way of looking at yourself or the world around you. In case you are able to contain your mind and reduce or wipe out completely the delusions then all the origins of your fears regardless if they are healthy or unhealthy, will get annihilated.

You sometimes need the healthy fears to help you to scrutinize your state of affairs so that you can decide about doing something about them. For instance, it is pointless for you to worry about lung cancer if you do not have anything to do against it in case you are a smoker. You have to let go of smoking. If you really have the fear of dying because of lung cancer then you have to start taking the steps towards quitting.  If you dismiss the possible danger of lung cancer and you continue in the way that will increase your suffering, you will live in self-denial since you have already relinquished your own control.

As a smoker is vulnerable to potential lung cancer because of the cigarette he smokes, similarly you can be vulnerable to any harm and risk such as illness, ageing and eventually death. This can be pinned in samsara and the uncontrolled being will be a reflection of the uncontrolled mind.

You are vulnerable because of your tangible and mental pain that can develop because of your uncontrolled mind. This pain derives from delusions of ignorance, wrath and attachment. You can choose to live denying the above statement while you are also losing all the control you have. You can also think about your vulnerability and you can acknowledge that you are facing a danger. This is the way to avoid risks so that you can prevent the real reasons of fear. You will also have to get rid of all unskilled and damaging activities that have been caused by such delusions. This will help you to be in control of your own life and when you get in control, you cannot suffer fear anymore.

The equilibrated fear caused by your delusions can be hurtful until they reach a healthy level to avert a real danger. You will be able to use fear as a response for your impulses if you are able to remove everything that causes you to be vulnerable by discovering your inner asylum, spirituality and the steps for grooming your mind. After doing this, you will be fearless and you will not have anything in your life that can hurt you. If you remain firm about your resolves and yourself then you have already developed an unhealthy fear as a result of the mechanism of survival that has failed. Sometimes it can be normal and healthy. However, fear can become too rampant especially if it does not exist. It is like a shadow that is visible only through an abbreviated glance but it will always be beside you.

There are times when fear takes over if it is required, it will be add colors to your vision and you will begin to see everything as sinister. Fear can demolish initiative, exuberance and self-sufficiency. It will promote procrastination and it can lead to a debile character. Fear defeats and mists memories and love, it can also lead to sadness and wretchedness. The best thing to do in this case is to take heart since being a coward is just a frame of your mind and bravery can be mastered. Always be alert for bravery. Fear can be visible in case someone is holding a gun over your head but it is hard to figure it out in your daily life. Being indecisive and suspicious or even doubtful can harden you until you become entrenched with the feelings of fear. 


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