What Do You Know About Failure?

Fear is the greatest challenge that people have to face. Not only when they are still young but until they die. In most surveys, people were being requested to say one thing that scared them the most. When looking at the answers that were given, the same fears were remarked many times than others. Here are some of these answers.

Being afraid of

Ø  Staying in debt forever

Ø  Become poor when someone is old

Ø  Facing losses in business

Ø  Losing face

Ø  Making expensive mistakes

Ø  Falling over head

Ø  Having to face the police,

Ø  Having problems with IRS

Ø  Having problems with partner and spouse

Ø  Becoming sick or dying without someone to handle things that are left behind

People also said that they are afraid that the following things could happen to them

Ø  Becoming tired of working on themselves

Ø  Letting fear ruin the family in an emotional or financial way

Ø  Becoming swallowed by fear until they end up too stressed to do anything

People are also afraid that they will not be able to do the following.

Ø  To discipline themselves and to be always motivated to work

Ø  To make the necessary change

Ø  To meet expectations that they set for themselves

Ø  To convince people that what they are doing is right

Can you see the common denominator in all the above answers? Even if there are many ways that fear can be expressed, the fear is commonly about the unknown.

And this is good news since knowledge can be used to counter the poison of fear. Someone had said that knowledge can be compared with information times experience, it has made him recognize that he was not portioning the knowledge with others but he was only portioning out the information for them.

This is why you have to use all the information that you are able to find to increase your knowledge. After getting the knowledge, you will understand clearly what you cannot or you can do. When you take up the new road of discovering yourself then you will be able to conquer your fear. It is normal to be scared and even to be scared to death. In addition, this can be good in many ways. Panic is normally the greatest base of creativity. If fear is the worst thing that holds you from success in your life then think what will happen in case you try, it is just failure.

However, failure is also good because it will let you know what you have to keep away from doing next time. An example can be shooting. It has its own portion of failure for a short time and if you are able to realize the mistakes you are doing then you will be able to succeed in other areas.

Failure will not take anything away from you but it will bring good qualities and a stronger personality in you. You are not feeble because you have failed but you become more determined, stronger and tougher with more knowledge. The most important thing about setting to go out is always about the unknown and it will lead most people to shy away from doing it. You will not be able to make gains if you do not know how to explore the unknown and to test new theories and thoughts.

If you live with an idea in your mind for a long time but you try to suppress it for some reasons, it is time to get rid of old skills so that you can learn some new skills and gain education. Ben Franklins said that good investment is normally knowledge and it pays good interest.

Conquering your fears now can sometimes be not as important as conquering fear when you have reached the right time. Everything you learn will increase your success. Every new skill that you will learn or enhance will increase your overall potential.

Everything that you will be doing around your skills or expertise will be like putting your funds into a saving account. You have to invest yourself with the right knowledge and understanding of failure. There is no better investment in this world. 

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