Meditation To Drive Your Fears Away

Meditation is the use of power that is meant to quieten your mind so that you get rid of what you consider as self and non- self. Fear as it is, is a reaction that cannot be induced by only saying. It is induced by emotional reactions that are not controlled. If you are able to come in line with your entire self, you will also be able to identify when the emotions are coming and to respond to them in a conscious way.

This is a better way to react to such emotions instead of using an unrestrained way that is found in your intuition bank. If you are able to command your emotions in a good way, you will be able to consider any matter using an objective standpoint and you will never be wiped out by your emotions.

If you are able to see things objectively then you will increase your chances of making better decisions when you face fear and you will be in control of such fear so that it cannot affect you later. This will work to help you get rid of past fears that you may have hung on for a long time and you already have little control over.

What you have to do is to get into a meditative pose in the area where it is hard to be annoyed by pets, youngsters or phones. You can choose to lie down, stand or to sit but keeping yourself awake and you must not let anything cross your mind.

If you cross your legs, your arms and any part of your body, it will prevent a good flow of energy into your entire body and you may begin to get cramps. You can choose between Yoga poses or the Indian style since it is a satisfactory pose that will let the flow to pass freely. At last what you have to do is it loosen up your body while keeping your mind alert and alive.

If you reach a high relaxation level, you will begin to look at yourself as a third person. Begin to think about circumstances that cause the fear in you. If you reach the place where you think that fear take place, then you will have to do some of the following steps.

Go back to your past and begin to whisper into the past’s ear. Tell the past that there is nothing that fear can do to hurt you, that you are strong, loved and brave. Such emotions will begin loosing their control over you and you will gain a better reaction to the situation and begin empowering yourself.

Try to repeat the same exercises for all your fears and situations. Be fully aware that if you begin to do this, it can work in some circumstances and it can fail to work in others. This is usual and alright. It will take time to reach the reprogramming for your body reactions using self awareness and meditation. By meditating several times, it will give you the energy you need to use whenever any situation of fear comes up, you will be able to change fear into empowerment and you will retain your self-awareness.

If you use this method, you will not fail. However, you will need to invest energy, commitment and time for them. The best part about this is that you will be empowering yourself against fear. You will end up with stronger reactions while you are able to produce your own strong energy. 

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