How You Live Your Life Is Up To You!

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Your design is your own; when life inquires, you are the one to reply. You can humbly submit to it while you let your life continue, you can also decide where you want to go. You are also able to answer the questions of life using a hushed voice or you can try to remain true and firm to your innermost wants. This is to live a life that has fulfillment and merit, a life with responsibility.

Have you ever remarked how you become defensive whenever someone confronts you saying that your conduct is unfit? You may have felt guilty because of this many times since it is a finer way of diverting the confrontations away from yourself. Sometimes, you can even try to give excuses for your behavior saying that you have acted in one way or the other because the person forced you to do so. You can also try to divert the attention to other people’s problems as if you do not need help at all.

Every one has tried to make his fault someone else’s and has tried to find someone who has more faults than himself. This is to try to take the blame off your shoulder and to place yourself in a better position with beneficial light. Comparing yourself using this manner can seem to be built-in in your DNA.

If you consider adapting to the line that you are not perfect but you are also not as sorry as the person next to you, this makes you act in a less suitable way than what you would have expected from others and you will be compromising your integrity.

Thinking that you are not bad as someone else it means that your own actions are hunky-dory and that they have been chosen in a cautious manner. Trying to find somebody to equate yourself to will be one way of backing up your rationalization of yourself.

This type of conduct will help you to skip being responsible for yourself and you will carry on acting poorly and you will always take to putting your head in the sand when facing any particular matter. If you think that your actions are not as bad as someone else’s then you have agreed that you are right.

If you recognize that the act is wrong but you are not ready to be responsible for it, you will continually hurt others in the way that you are not able to enjoy if it were to happen to you. Sometimes, life’s hardest lessons can be used to show you that you have treated someone else in the manner that you wouldn’t have wanted to be treated. The problem that arises here is to ask yourselves, why do you end up doing what you are doing? You have also to ask yourself why you do things that may have an outcome you are afraid of. The simple advice that you have to follow is never being remorseful but avoiding doing things that you know are not good. This is an old advice “do to others what you would like them to do to you” and this is the best doctrine that you can use in your life.

Think about it when you find yourself thinking about lying to someone else, when you treat someone poorly, when doing something behind your friend’s back and when you speak out of turn. The problem is that it is easy to be found out and you may fail to be sorry in such a case.

If you avoid doing something bad in the first place then you will not have to face the grieved individual and you will not face any judgment or disturbance. There will be no tarnished or doomed relationship and you will never need to apologize. The most important thing about this is that you will have a clear conscience and you will live a guilt free life. It can be a hard way to live your life but it will work for your own good. Since it is hard to do to others what you want them to do to you, the best thing you can try to do is to be responsible for the actions you choose to do. If you pass the blame to others, it will display that you are a coward and you do not value yourself or anyone around you.

You are responsible for your life and there is no one who will be like you even if he is your identical twin. Your seed of joy will be your own. The resolves you take will be unique to you as your own fingerprints. Start taking responsibility for your life from now. 


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