Drive Away Your Fears With Self Hypnosis

Everyone can feel fear. Regardless if it is fear of flying, fear of high places, fear of spiders or of oral presentations, all these phobias and fears are easily defeated by the use of hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a suggestible situation that anyone can use to send suggestions to his own self. This is a simple method where the procedure is about providing suggestions for you instead of getting them from someone else.

The suggestions you make for yourself will be admitted instantly by your own ego since you have turned yourself into a light trance state. Hypnosis or hetero-hypnosis has been compared to self hypnosis in a research. The research has shown that both target the absorption with complete occupation that focuses on your mind while they pass off the usual orientation towards general reality. The difference is that Hetero Hypnosis will focus too much on the hypnotist (outside source) and you will be more open to the stimulus that will be coming from this source. Self hypnosis will command expansive and free floating attention towards your own ego and stimulus that comes from within. The trance here brings the feeling of detachment from any reality around you and your expansive attentions will be directed to what comes from within.

Think about the feeling that you had when you tried to pet your cat and read at the same time. Do you normally talk to your passengers when you are driving, or do you listen to the car radio? Do you wash your dishes while listening to music? This means that you are able to execute different actions at once and you can still concentrate on the driving while savoring music.

Here most of your mind’s capacity will be centered towards the primary task while the rest of the mind will be on autopilot or on cruise control. It will help you to carry on anything else you will be doing. The power you have here is the same power that you will need for self-hypnotizing. When you do it for the first time, you will feel nothing new. You will begin to feel that it is familiar and comfy as you have already done it many times. Self-hypnosis is not bizarre or unearthly and it isn’t hard or painful either. It is a relaxation technique and if you are able to master how to do it then you will be able to help yourself to better your life in different ways.

Your mind is a mighty instrument, hypnosis can be used to rewire all the past beliefs and views in an effective way. Because hypnosis is a non-invasive treatment method, it is gentle and safe for everyone. The procedure helps you to relax so that you can get evidence of the cause of your phobia and fear in your life. When you beat your fear, you will gain more confidence and you will become positive with increased self-esteem.

You can choose to use self-hypnosis in treating your fears or you can look for a hypnotherapist. If you want to do it alone, you can begin by getting a recorded hypnosis session so that you will be directed easily through this process. You can record the session yourself or you can purchase the session in a MP3 or CD format.

The hypnosis process is simple. You can do it yourself or your hypnotherapist will help you to relax your mind using a series of counting and breaths. When you reach your hypnotic state, you will be capable of digging deeper into your mind so that you will know the fundamental reasons behind your phobias and fears.

Hypnosis will give you the access to your mind’s subconscious part, which is the storage area for all your former experiences. You will be able to learn all about the causes of your fear and you will be able to change such anxiety into powerful and confident feelings.

You will then be invited to form suggestions in the form of statements with the use of positive tones that will help in overcoming phobias. For example, you can begin by thinking that you are now unafraid and confident when you meet new people instead of saying that you no longer fear meeting new people.

Regardless if you use hypnotherapist or recorded hypnosis, you will be able to get rid of all your past programming in your mind with fresh suggestions that you give yourself that will help you to overcome all your fears.

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