Are You Stuck In A Situation?

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The danger of having to use all this internal work is that someone can use it as another alibi. Using inner work will also turn into new obstacles; this is another reason that you can get stuck in a rut instead of taking any steps forward. Most of the time, the only way of overcoming the fear is to do it.

Nathaniel Branden, believed to be the founder of the self-respect movement, had offered some splendid steps found in his consummate work called “The Six Pillars of Self-esteem”. If you are stuck in a rut and you are not able to take any action then you can try to use the 5% statement for your problem. This is a method that increases each day as its name implies and it can be used with many applications. This can be used when you need to start exercising again after a long break, when you need to reduce your procrastination or if you want to better your own relationships.

The 5% statement

The above statement needs to be cut into two halves before it is used. You can begin by thinking this:

If you are at least 5% responsible about what will happen

If you are at least 5% less doubtful about what will happen

Here is what someone wrote one morning. He said that if he was at least 5% more giving that day, he should have chosen to buy someone who is homeless, a dinner and he may have spent some time talking with him over that dinner until later that day.

Stop and think what will be your excuse – failing or fear. What do you need and what do you wish for your first statement to be? Make the statement every day when you wake up. Actions that need to be done can change each day. However, regardless of what you choose to do, you will find yourself in the right direction.

The unwise thing that you can do here or when you attempt to change is to try to do it overnight. It will increase higher inner resistance and if 5% has increased then it will help you to scale down any of your inner resistance. If you begin to gain the momentum then your troubles will begin to come down.

The Advantages and Price Analysis

The best strategy that you can use in galvanizing yourself into action is to make a list of the price that you have to pay together with the advantages that you will gain if you stay on such a path.

The price: make a list and move with it wherever you go during the day. Think about it when your distress increases, whether it makes you bring in wages that you did not like. Does it make you lonesome? What will happen in 20 years from now if you continue to live in the path you have chosen?

Read your list whenever you feel that you are able to do it. Even if this can lead you to remain stuck in your level of fear, the good news is that you will be using such fear for good reasons.

The advantages: What do you get if you are not living according to what you intended? Sometimes your family or friends can give you emotional backing you need or a back up whenever you complain about misery. You can even think about moving to a different city so that you can pursue the passion you want without being too fussy. You may think that you will not have enough skills in making new acquaintances when you move. Think about the advantages using these steps process that has been identified above.

Even if doing such exercise can seem to take too much work, you have to know that what makes you hesitant in keeping a journal is the same feeling that will always hold you back in your fear. Being able to complete the task will be the first step for success into your 5% statement.


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