The Power Of Affirmations And The Law Of Attraction

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It is vital to be ready to accept all the things you have asked for. You could add to the list of affirmations something like “I’m ready to accept what I have wished for”.

A good idea is to make many copies of your affirmations and post them in the places you frequent the most. Post them on the fridge, at your desk, in your briefcase and so on. You need to be reminded daily about the things you must achieve.

Putting the copies with the affirmation everywhere in your house will help you stay focused on your purposes. Soon enough, these affirmations will be deeply embedded in your mind and you will start to instinctively do everything in order to achieve what is written in the affirmations.


Ø  I am ready to receive from the universe everything I deserve. All the things which are mine will come my way by mysterious and rapid ways. I am delighted by the abundance which awaits me.

Ø  I enjoy the fact that my eternal spiritual self is experiencing a prosperous human life.

Ø  I have in my hands the power to drag into my life the happiness and abundance.

Ø  I am open to all the lessons that my life is presenting to me and I am grateful for all the experiences I have been through.

Ø  I am thankful to all the prosperity and abundance I am receiving through amazing ways.

Ø  I am receiving wonderful opportunities and I never lose the chance to use them to improve my life and my experience.

Ø  I can attract motivated people and quality in order to improve the situation of my business.

Ø  Great things await me to receive them.

Ø  I receive great financial opportunity and I am able to help other people too.

Ø  I feel like a magnet which attracts all the wishes I have, in a pure and graceful way.

Ø  I am thankful for all the things we are able to produce for our mutual benefit.

Ø  I have no debts. I owe nothing to no man.

Ø  I have no obligations to anyone or anything.

Ø  My bank account is blessed and so is every check that I write.

Ø  I am grateful that the amount of money which leaves my bank account is returning ten times.

Ø  I enjoy the fact that my bank account is rapidly filling with money.

Ø  I enjoy every second of my life. I am grateful to have good friends, strong health, beautiful and long-lasting relationships and wonderful memories. They make me happy and give me strength.

Ø  I am thankful to all the things, people and situations which help me become better and achieve my dreams.

Ø  I have no fear at all.

Ø  I am successful.

Ø  Divinity is offering to me and to all the humanity endless supplies.

Ø  I am always prepared to receive what I want and need.

Remember that, on the other hand, expressing distressing affirmations might bring in your life situations or things you don’t want, so be careful. It is very important how you ask for the things you want. You must stay joyful, calm and pleased. Don’t make affirmations when you are angry, sad or disappointed.


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