Law of Attraction: Know The Basics

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After you have mastered the foundations of these two principals, you will master the power of making your thoughts become a reality.

Even if it is wrong, people believe that the Law of Attraction is a product of the New Age. From the very beginning, people had a certain intuition about the power of the brain to make certain things come true but they were never sure about the truth of this theory. Buddha knew about the Law of Attraction and he even stated that the human being is the result of his own thoughts and he will become what he believes.

This idea also resides in the Eastern teachings. For instance, it is believed that the opinion that karma exists is somewhat evolving from the principles of the Law of Attraction. The mystics believe that karma is responsible for the exchange of energy between the human being and the universe. For example, if your mind develops only negative thoughts such as hate or you intentionally hurt someone, you will receive the same treatment sometime during your life. Many of the current religions such as Christianity include some ideas from the Law of Attraction.

A story which can be found in the book of Genesis describes the story of a little boy who lived on a farm and made his dreams come true, just because he had faith and believed in himself. This boy called Joseph, desired to become a King but all his brothers and relatives doubted him due to his lack of leadership skills.

The fact that they distrusted his powers didn’t make Joseph draw back. He kept believing in his dream of becoming a leader and in the end, he finally become a true king. He followed his dreams and the image he created in his mind and made it a reality.

Jesus of Nazareth is the one who put the basis of Christianity. He taught his followers to build faith and belief. They learned to use the belief to obtain everything they asked for. Many ideas and conceptions found in the Bible are linked to the Law of Attraction, even if people were not aware of it.

It is somewhat weird that those who read the Bible are not aware of the existence of the Law of Attraction. Maybe, the most common reason is that the principles of the Law of Attraction were not gathered under a name. In the 19th century, people started to call it the Law of Attraction and began to implement it. People enjoyed this idea of developing positive thoughts in order to achieve success in life. The person who gave the name to this theory in 1906, is William Walker Atkinson. He was the editor of the publication called New Thought.

This theory is not something new. People were somewhat aware of its ideas many centuries ago. It made many people accomplish everything they wanted. All the successful persons on this planet implement the Law of Attraction. 


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