Law of Attraction :energy And You

It is not very difficult to observe a vibration. Do you ever have the feeling that a happy person is brightening the room and seems like they glow? Or that a sad person makes you feel unpleasant?

This feeling that a person can determine others to feel just by their presence is what we call a vibe. You don’t have to make any kind of effort to notice the vibration. Everybody can transmit their emotions to those around them.

The vibe can be easily noticed and if it is very powerful, it can affect any person with whom they interact. This energy exchange is not observable at all. Every minute, we send and receive this vibration from the people we interact with. This vibration can make the receiving person feel the same emotions as the sending person. The unconscious mind will copy all the emotions of a person who emits a strong vibration, no matter if they are positive or negative. Fear, stress, sadness, happiness, anger and so on, are all transmitted through vibrations. It is not possible to control this vibe exchange.

The person who feels unpleasant and emits a certain negative vibration is not deliberately sending their emotions to the people around them. In the same way, an affected person is not intending to receive unpleasant emotions from the people around them. Usually, a certain individual needs to be extremely charged with negative or positive emotions in order to transmit it to the people around them.

Many children grow up in a toxic environment. They learn from their friends and witness in their surroundings only the negative side of life. They are deprived of love, compassion and care. Gradually they learn to develop anger, violence and cruelty. When a child learns that the world is a place ruled by violence and hate, they start to feel the consequences of this negative energy. They do not choose to live that life but the karmic factor comes into discussion. It is extremely difficult to endure such harsh life situations.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter what you did until now because you can change everything. The Law of Attraction can help you balance your life and attract only the good things in your life.

You need to detach yourself from the negative aspects of life. Doing so, your life will improve and you will notice how your health, finance, private life, professional life and overall state of mind will change.

Vibrations are very powerful while human beings are quite vulnerable to their activity so it is important to establish a few things before we go on with the explanation. You need to always have in mind that the following vibrations are benefic and you must always focus on them.

Positive vibrations:

  • Love

  • Exhilaration

  • Enthusiasm

  • Joyfulness

  • Self-assurance

  • Pride

  • Abundance

  • Tenderness

  • Comfort

The following vibrations are negative and you should learn to avoid expressing them.

Negative vibrations:

  • Aloneness

  • Tension

  • Hate

  • Letdown

  • Disarray

  • Deficiency

  • Anger

  • Sorrow

  • Spite

The most important principle of the Law of Attraction is the theory which explains that the human mind is an entity which communicates with the universe using energy. This means that if the human being sends positive energy, they will receive positive energy or vibration. On the other hand, sending negative vibrations into the environment will drag only damaging vibrations. The whole process is some sort of ‘balanced’ exchange between the individual and the universe.Humans are like living magnets. Maybe you know people or have friends who are always cheerful and enjoy every moment of their life. It is extremely probable that those people are also very prosperous. They know how to attract positive vibrations.

It is very likely that you know people who, let’s say, enjoy to ‘submerge into darker waters’.  These are those people who always focus on the darker side of their life. They complain about their job, their family, their love life or about the fact that they don’t have enough money. It seems that their problems become more and more serious. They receive what they offer. They focus on the bad side of their life and the problems only become worse.

Success is not based on the idea that the body can overcome any obstacles in life but on the fact that the mind can make any obstacle disappear. Everything is based on the power of will. It doesn’t matter what your body is capable of accomplishing. What truly matters is the power of your mind. 

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