Law of Attraction: Affirmations And Its Uses

The first step is to compose the affirmations which will help you attract what you desire. However, it is very important to create clear and simple affirmations if you want the Law of Attraction to be effective.

You might wonder what the purpose of the affirmations is.

What is important is that you must understand that the affirmations are not some sort of magic spells or incantations which will instantly change your life. These affirmations must be born from positive thinking. There is no recipe or special formula. The secret lies in the method or the way you utilize these affirmations, rather than searching for a special formula for creating affirmations.

What is important to establish from the beginning is that you must be patient, have faith and be optimistic. All the advice you will receive in this e-book is meant to help you improve your confidence and achieve all the things you desire. You must have faith in the power of your mind to attract the objects of your desire. This is the most important factor.

You need to perfectly acknowledge what you want to obtain from the universe.

You will be able to apply the Law of Affirmation only when you are aware of the things you need in life. You need to make a list of all your positive affirmations. You need to observe what you already have, be grateful for everything and start focusing on the things you want to achieve.

It is incredible how people live their lives without establishing a principal purpose. Many people focus on their daily routine and forget to actually ask for more from their lives and themselves. They prefer to live in mediocrity and be satisfied with what they already have. It is a pity since they can achieve so much more. Everyone is able to use the affirmations and the Law of Attraction but only a few are aware of their existence.

Here are some examples of affirmations you could establish.


Ø  I delight in an ever flowing fountain of money and financial opportunities.

Ø  I delight in financial support and security.

Ø  I delight in the fact that I earn more money than I can spend.

Ø  I delight in receiving a great amount of money.

Ø  I delight in my endless possibilities of earning money.

Ø  I delight in the aspect that I can occupy any of the most rewarding jobs that exist.


Ø  I delight in the fact that I am confident and my self-respect is improving.

Ø  I delight because my self-assurance is very powerful.

Ø  I can have everything I want and the only thing left to do is to ask.

Ø  I delight in the fact that my powers can make me achieve everything I desire.


Ø  I enjoy the fact that I am balanced in my diet.

Ø  Whenever I wake up in the morning, I feel well and my state of mind and being is positive.

Ø  I delight in the fact that I am beautiful, strong and healthy.

Ø  I delight in the fact that my body can heal very fast on its own.

All these affirmations are only simple examples of what you could mention in your personal list. When you start using the Law of Attraction, it will be very useful. Your wishes will be more effective!

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