Creating The Perfect Relationship

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I really do think i should write a book and i just might do that one day.

Yes, i really have found out a way to have the perfect relationship. If your single pay attention, if your in a relationship PAY ATTENTION before its too late. I’m a very observant person, i watch, i listen, and i view situations in every single way possible. Anytime i give advice understand that im not just talking out my ass but most is from experience and my thought process of things. I’ve notice that all of my past relationships ended because of one or two things. Either both parties wasn’t 100% honest or because I cheated and never told her. Understand that all AND I DO MEAN ALL LIES WILL EVENTUALLY COME INTO THE LIGHT one way or another so why bother lying (not telling the whole truth is the same as lying for you smart ass mofos). This advice is perfect for my single followers who think that they cant find “the one” for them to save their lives. The only reason why you cant find Mr or Ms right is because you don’t really know who you are as an individual yet. When a relationship doesn’t work its mainly because one of the parties made a mistake or one of you didn’t put everything out on the table when you first met which is KEY to a perfect relationship.

Pay close attention to this, I think 90% of all relationships ends not because of networking( even though that’s another main source of ended relations) but because of ASSUMPTIONS(-to take upon oneself;undertake) . Just think, what gives a person the reason to assume? Was it the half information you received or the lack of communication between the two parties. The best way to solve this problem is to simply communicate more. Remember a relationship take two people to make work. You both must learn how the other one thinks and by that I mean when something happens or when you both is observing something, without even speaking to each other you should already know whats the other is thinking or how their thinking about it. You know kinda like two close friends that can have a full conversation to each other without speaking a word because their thought process is the same. You have to be Best friends not just lovers.

Here in today’s society, people is so quick to jump into the first available relationship that based off emotions. You know that famous quote “Got caught up in the moment”. Just cause he/she seems perfect for you and they may be, “YOU” just may not be ready to be with someone. How well do you know yourself? Do you know your likes or dislikes? Your goals you wish to accomplish in life. Your weakness and strengths in all aspects of life? But yet you expect for someone to come into your life trying to learn someone who doesn’t even know their self. Riiight!

You ever catch yourself regretting being with someone and feel like your stuck in the relationship because of a child(s) or the time spent? Ever felt like you wasted all of your good years with the wrong person because the two of you met too early in life and was forced to grow up faster than your generations because you decided to play house at a young age?

Its was probably because you didn’t take the time out to look at all aspects that played parts. Example, Lets say you and your boyfriend/girlfriend was 15 yrs old when you met, moved in when you both turned 18, and had a baby by 21. By this time you two do everything adults does in relationships. From working full-time to paying bills and school tuition ( if attending). Here’s where the relationship went wrong. Okay you took on the adult roles but did you remember that regardless of your situation, your still only 21(a child). That means you have to remember that your brain still has a lot of growing to do itself. Your hormones is also at its peak at this stage in life and the chances of you or your other possibly messing around with someone else is very high. Let me ask my younger readers, did you already take into consideration that judging off your age, that their was a good chance he/she was going to cheat on you before it happen? And if so, did either of you plan what to do when it does happen? Are you willing to let a third party nobody end everything you and your partner built since 15 years old? You knew it was a matter of time of before one go to test the waters. Understands that nobody’s perfect so to avoid the drama discuss any and everything before it happens. Set rules and guidelines if your young. Both parties must come to an agreement in order to establish the perfect relationship. Remember you partner is your best friend, not property. Its only natural and human we make mistakes. Growing up fast has absolutely NO GAIN for you………


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