Vaseline & Yogurt Are All You Need

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As a teen, I suffered from the worst case of acne. There’s nothing like having to try to find the right beauty regimen. I was so confused about how I was supposed to figure out of I had dry, oily, or combination skin. All I knew was that I woke up with the biggest zit on my face ever and I had to go to school with it like a bullseye target on my face.

My mom took me to the dermetologist who was able to rid my face of the blackheads that were clogging my pores. I had saved my money to get ready to get the newest product on the shelf that would promise to get rid of my blemishes. He then gave me the best advice ever. “You have all you need to clear your acne in your pantry at home.” I just knew he was crazy when he told me that I didn’t have to go out and buy a whole bunch of acne products and that the best thing was to go natural.

As a result, I developed the skin care regimen that I stil have to this day, and I’m in my 30s!

To take off makeup, use Vaseline and a soft tissue. Vaseline clears both oil based makeup and powdered makeup as well as waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It also doesn’t leave your face feeling dry as some of the moist towlettes that clear makeup.

To clear up blemishes and pimples, try using oatmeal. Simply mix about 2 tablespoons of uncooked oatmeal with warm water and pack the paste on any blemish. Use at least 2 days in a row and you will see the swelling decrease and the pimple will go away leaving minimal marks.

Use witch hazel as an astringent. It also reduces puffiness under your eyes. It clears dirt and makeup from your skin without leaving it dry. Use yogurt as a mask and you can also mix with brown sugar as a scrub to exfoliate.

Sprinkle a bit of oatmeal in your bath to soften skin or cool inflamation from exczema (but make sure to remove clumps before draining the water!).

Cure cradle cap for babies with extra virgin olive oil and as an added plus, use the olive oil on your own scalp to reduce dandruff and dry scalp and you will see your hair grow stronger and healthier!

These are just a few things that most of us have in our cabinets that don’t cost much and that definitely don’t cost as much as the over the counter items that we purchase for our beauty regimen. Include them in your regimen and save money as you look beautiful!


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