Selecting Baby Shower Favors

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If you are the mom to be or planning the party for her there are a couple of key things to keep in mind when buying baby shower favors. Know you audience. If the shower will be women and men you will need a couple of different sets of party favors. One for the men to relate to and the other for the women.

Step 2

Ask the mom to be the theme for the baby’s room. This will be helpful when she is keeping a scrap book of the shower photos and the baby room photos. There are many companies on the internet that sponsor a host of themes. If the MTB has not selected a theme for the room, select favors based upon the mothers likings.

Step 3

The sex of the baby will play an important role in deciding on the color and treats. Pink for girl, blue for boy, yellow and green for unknown. If there are twins ensure that you select a cake that will be related to a “twins” theme.

Step 4

Lots of cookies and punch The following are some of the most popular baby shower favors:
– Date of shower wrapped over Chocolate
– Cookies with various baby names and sayings
– Candles with the baby’s name on them
– “Love” spoons that can be purchased on line or bed bath and beyond Step5The favors along with the matching theme should be a hit! See other articles and search the internet to find great deals once you have decided upon the theme and favors. Many online retail places such as ebay and overstock offer unique personalized items for the baby shower.

Tips & Warnings

  • Order early
  • Match the theme and baby shower favors together
  • Avoid purchasing standard items. This will be a keepsake for the new baby.
  • Save at least one of each favor to add to the memory book.

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