Various Home Interior Options

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Like the face, then the interior of the home for you is like an inner beauty that must be maintained properly. Good hygiene, appearance, arrangement and the type and model.

Understanding Interior House

When referring to the science of architecture of the interior of the house means the science of spatial arrangement of the content or design of the house, made specifically per space per room. Interior of the house is supported on some things, which is a form of space, a space filler furniture, lighting (lighting), and coloring (coloring the wall).

Home interior has plenty of options in arranging. You can do yourself by referring to the references contained in magazines and home interior design, for example. And second, if you are less confident and a little extra money – maybe you can use the services of expert home interior.

Types of House

Types of houses that need the services of home interior design is not limited. All the houses still require special hands to arrange the interior of his house – even if it is done alone. For example groups such as the standard home: house beautiful, luxurious house, minimalist house, house moderate, modest home, and rest houses.

Then a large group berbangunan house, such as: home office, shop building, buildings, hotels and apartments.

Types of House Interior

While the interior of the house types are commonly known and commonly applied in each house are as follows:

1. Conventional home interior
2. Traditional home interior
3. Minimalist interiors
4. Classical interiors
5. Ethnic interiors

The five types of home interior can be just you apply to any type of home or building. Because the interior of the house is basically set the room in the house, the specifics of each space per room. By adjusting the furniture, arrangement, lighting and colouringnya.

Until you should not hesitate to try it on your home. Excess interior of the house is not making you feel tired, you also can change every time the appearance of your home interior. Because basically the interior of the house regardless of the front facade of the house.

Get around the room

In applying the concept of home interiors; might understand the extent of the house would be prudent. There are some houses that have been common area you know. That is the type of house with an area in square meters, the type 30, type 36, type 45, type 54 and type 68, and 100.

Well, the smaller the house you are the more limited options in arranging your home interior. In the small types such as houses with type 30 and 36, then you can combine in one continuous concept of the living room, family room and dining room; or by disabling one of these spaces, such as eliminating the family room.

Then on the house type 45 and 54; you more flexibility in their ideas and apply concepts such as what your house. For example, you can have some important space that you need such as, family room, dining room and living room. You just make the right selection of furniture, as well as setting lighting or illumination of character. And you can also play with the color of the walls according to your desires.

The bigger the room or building a house, the more choices in applying the concept of home interiors; well as the greater the challenge in managing the magnitude and extent of the space. Such as office buildings and rest houses.

Placing Complementary Interior

Choose the appropriate furniture to fill your home. You do not get stuck on the model homes are up to date, but does not fit in the space of your home. Will only lead to the impression of not symmetrical and forced.

Choose furniture wisely. You have to think of two important factors, namely factor usability and entertainment factor. So do not just because of its shape well and are ngetrend course, should you need to think about functionality and usability factors as well.

Tricks and Tips Home Organizing Interior

Here are tips and tricks that you can draw an example:

1. White or pearl color brush and cream in a confined space standard house type.

2. Choose furniture with multiple functions. Such as TV table also functions as a room divider buffets. Or the dining  table as well as storage racks.

3. Give light to light medium. Type down lighting is perfect and can be member friendly and natural impression.

4. Choose all kinds of furniture are common and do not refer to one concept (ethnic or traditional), such as the classical concept. Furniture with a timeless classic concept more generally.

Now, please try.



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