Pronto Xi, Software For Corporate Governance

Pronto Xi, Software for Corporate Governance – The complexity of the distribution of a challenge for a company. In fact, businesses have to compete in providing excellent services for customers.

Besides the competence and capacity of the company, the existence of IT also became one of support in providing the service. To that end, Pronto, developer of enterprise software companies develop enterprise solutions resourse planning (ERP), one of which is intended for companies in Indonesia Pronto Xi, Software for Corporate Governance.

One of the newest generation applications, Pronto Xi, Software for Corporate Governance, touted to provide advantages in terms of functionality and scalability. “Our products can be implemented quickly, able to transform the way business, easily and naturally in response to the market,” claims David Jackman, CEO of Pronto Software in Jakarta, 23 November 2011.

Pronto Xi, Software for Corporate Governance is the first vendor to embed the function of 10 into the IBM Cognos software. Integration between the two solutions can provide reporting capabilities and business insights more efficiently.

“This application consists of several modules, such as financial and distribution modules berfondasikan data from the company,” said Jackman. “It can also be coupled with some floating modules namely sales marketing, supply chain management, manufactur management, as well as facilities management,” he said.

Applications that are present in Indonesia since March 2011 has been used by local distributors peruahaan, one of which Global Teleshop. According to representatives of the Global Teleshop, after using this application over time and costs can be cut more effectively.

“Report of the stock which usually takes five hours can now be compiled in a matter of minutes, so it can cut a lot of work because now many are online,” said Chandra Januar, representatives from the Global Teleshop. “Business processes in our company so more quickly and monitored online by adopting Pronto,” he said.

For in Indonesia, Proton Software took a local partner, Pratesis. However, until now Pratesis still focus on retail and distributor markets. Even so, Pratesis will continue to float to the side of the manufacturing and certain service companies. With this software make your corporate will be the best

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