The Characteristics of Hiv – Attacker Early Detection of Disease Immune System

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Before we discuss about the characteristics of HIV, it helps us know in advance what HIV is and how the signs or symptoms of people affected or infected with HIV? HIV stands for Human Immunideficiency Virus is the virus that causes AIDS disease who surrendered the white blood cells in the patient’s body and damage the immune system of the patient.

With the destruction of the immune sisitem then the patient is already infected with HIV virus will be very easily affected by various diseases of serious illness until the disease is mild. The HIV virus is if allowed to continue without an early response will be quickly developed and became a highly lethal disease AIDS and no cure. For this reason the characteristics of HIV is very important to be known by the public to know the earlier it will be the earlier the treatment anyway.

The characteristics of HIV in Adults

1. Adults infected with HIV virus will have characteristics of HIV is 10 percent of their body weight comes down drastically without the knowledge of the exact cause. Weight loss will run continuously from month to month. The only way to know if this includes the characteristics of HIV, should be complete by blood tests.

2. Patients affected by the HIV virus will have the characteristics of HIV-like diarrhea continued until more than a month. Diarrhea that continues to carry on like this would be very dangerous and can directly lead to death if the body to become dehydrated or dehydrated.

3.   They may also have characteristics of HIV-like fever that lasts continuously for more than one month either a constant or a fever that comes and goes

The characteristics of HIV-AIDS are Already Being Changed to Adults

1. Patients who had the features of early HIV had started having a dry cough that does not heal for months then this indicates that the HIV virus has evolved into a disease to AIDS. And this means that the disease had begun badly.

2. The onset of itching of the entire surface of the skin of the patient is also a characteristic of HIV that has begun to turn into AIDS.

3. The characteristics of subsequent HIV that has been turned into a disease like AIDS is the emergence of symptoms of chickenpox disease called shingles that do not heal in a long time.

4.  The emergence of white candidiasis of the mouth, tongue and throat. The characteristics of HIV that one is often confused with canker sores, so people usually do not consider dangerous. Though this is a characteristic of HIV that are already started to go on stage is very dangerous.

5.  Swelling of glands in the neck, armpit or groin with or without an active infection.

Of the five signs that have been described above, if it occurred only two of which are characteristics of HIV that are included in the initial stages that the patient is already affected by AIDS. Immediate action should be intensified so that the patient not to get in on the critical condition, life expectancy is getting smaller.
The characteristics of HIV in Children

The characteristics of HIV in children have symptoms of something else such as:

1. Growth to be slower and less weight.

2. Diarrhea for 14 days continuously and not stop.

3. Fever that strikes more than one month is also a characteristic of HIV that attacks on children.

4. A cough that does not heal and continuously. Was treated did not show that cough is reduced.

5. Infections of the ear, throat and other infections that invade the body are the traits of children with HIV should be     wary of.

6. Itching all over the skin surface.

7. Swelling of glands in the armpits, groin and neck.

8. Candidiasis like sores that grow in the mouth, tongue and throat.

The characteristics of HIV should be socialized in the community began considering the high number of HIV and AIDS in the community lately. HIV or AIDS does not just affect adults who are vulnerable to this disease, but has been attacked many children who are the future generation.

The characteristics of HIV – Stages in Period

In addition to knowing the characteristics of HIV, we must also know the symptoms that arise. HIV disease is not a disease that once a person has to react immediately. But there is a long process and almost unknown if we do not recognize with certainty the characteristics of the HIV.

The period after contracting the first three months of barely shows characteristics of HIV at all. In fact at first the characteristics of HIV that arise are similar to the characteristics of mild illness that is common like the flu, diarrhea and mouth sores. There’s even the first three months of this did not have the characteristics of HIV that indicate that someone has been infected.

Period of five to seven months. During this time the patient began to feel that the anomalies due to illness does not go away. Even after the blood was carried out checks and has been known that the patient was infected with HIV remain Viru are the characteristics of HIV there is absolutely no show itself. That is because the body has not been done and a special form of resistance against the HIV virus attacks.

Sometimes when the immune system of the patient is still good, the characteristics of HIV did not appear and only appear when the situation was very bad.

Chronic period will become the next stage. Chronic period was a time when the characteristics of HIV that came out not just simply show that people with the HIV virus but has become a disease of AIDS. A person who has entered a period of chronic only survive between six months to two years.

Can last much longer life if there is a miracle given by the Almighty. The characteristics of other HIV that we can make a benchmark that a patient has been exposed to AIDS disease are:

1. Respiratory tract which began to fail. Patients will often experience shortness of breath and breathing shallowly. The characteristics of HIV-this one will be accompanied by pneumonia, fever, cough and pain in the chest.

2. The characteristics of the next HIV will come disturbed digestive tract that is characterized by loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting are severe. This disease is also accompanied by the growth of fungi such as thrush in the mouth and throat and began to experience chronic diarrhea.

3. Weight dropped to 10 percent below normal body weight is also a characteristic of HIV that is worth the watch. Weight loss is caused disruption of food absorption in the body caused by HIV virus. This condition is also accompanied by a body that often feel weak and powerless.

4. Nervous system in the body will also be susceptible to interference due to the spread of this virus. Reduced memory, constant headaches, often looked confused and slow motion response of the body is also one of the many features of HIV. Nerves in the palm of the hand and foot would often feel tingling and pain.

5. With the development of the HIV virus in the body then the patient will experience a virus attack of chicken pox or herpes simplex fire even chickenpox or herpes zoster. Also other characteristics of HIV is the patient will experience a variety of skin diseases, hair and skin tissue infections, skin becomes dry and scaly.

 6. Urinary and reproductive tract in women will also experience interference. The characteristics of women with HIV in patients characterized by the emergence of the fungus in the vagina, urinary tract injuries and disease syphilis. Patients with these women will also experience irregular menstruation and inflammation in the bone cavity.

By knowing the characteristics of HIV is expected of all walks of life become more vigilant and help if they find the people around us have traits such as HIV that have been outlined above.



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