Richard Burton Liz Taylor Love Affair on Celluloid

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Richard Burton was a British star who made it big in Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor is also an iconic star who ruled Hollywood as the number one glamour queen for close to 4 decades.  Both these superb actors who first met on the sets of the epic movie Cleopatra are also famous as  furious and dynamic lovers.  Burton played the role of Mark Antony and Elizabeth Taylor the title role as the queen Cleopatra. Both met in 1963 and fell in love. They married in 1964 and divorced in 1974, only to remarry again 9 months later. It was a tumultuous romance that hogged the front pages of the tabloids for almost a decade.

This passionate love story is now set to be presented on screen. The Burton – Taylor love affair has all the ingredients of a great love story. Hence it is not a surprise that it will be filmed and presented on the screen to the world. The film is the brainchild of Martin Scorsese who is an Oscar winner.

 The bigger question is not the movie, but as to who will portray the roles of these legendary actors and their sublime love affair. Playing the role of Burton or Liz Taylor is not a simple matter as both the stars are iconic figures and whoever is cast has to live the role.


  Among the male stars the honor of playing Burton may fall on Micheal Sheen. Micheal Sheen hails from Wales and is every inch a true Briton. The female lead may well go to the top Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. For both these actors it will be a real challenge to play the roles of Burton and Taylor. It will be important to create the chemistry of the love affair on celluloid for the film to have an impact.

The basis of this film and its inspiration is the book Furious Love. This book gives an account of the love life of Burton and Liz and also contains  transcripts of all the love letters Burton wrote to his beloved Taylor. which contains love letters sent to Miss Taylor from Burton. Burton and Taylor acted in other movies as well including ‘Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf’. All in all it was great love affair. Its a pity both are no more as after all they were mortals, but we can remember them as great actors on screen and lovers in real life.



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