Tribute to 2011

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A billion stars
A cosmic birth
The dawn of time beginning
The sun and moon
The mother earth
Were orbiting and spinning
The movement of
Tectonic plates
Shaped how the world would be
And the planet’s
Future primates
Came crawling from the sea

The vast unknown
The deep blue space
The stellar constellation
The realms of time
The human race
A child of God’s creation
The angels sang
A lone white dove
Flew out of Heaven’s gate
We could have reaped
The fruits of love
Instead we fostered hate

The virgin birth
The chosen one
We crucified our chance
The holocaust
The nuclear sun
We made the devil dance
The art of war
The genocide
The dark eternal night
If you believe
God’s on our side
I hope that you are right

Moment of Mourning
Hangs on our heads
The death of yet another year
2011 is on the verge of becoming history
Amid its various bad and good moments
 It brought to mother earth

Japan’s earthquake, Great droughts
And the massive flooding of Indonesia

2011 brought the end to Bin Laden, Gaddafi
And the fall of great leaders like the likes of Ben Ali
And Mubarak of Egypt

In fact 2011 will forever  linger in our minds

Rest In Peace 2011


An embryo uncurled
I came into the world
From inside the cloying womb
Into brightness from the gloom
But now I seek a resting place
Within the darkness of a tomb

A lost love made me cry
A tear runs from my eye
Death’s sweet voice entrances
She smiles and she advances
And my spirit she will cradle
She gives no second chances

I flattered to deceive
I tried not to believe
I put my head into the sand
I was cast out from the band
Became the sacrificial lamb
Nobody tried to understand

 A resting place I crave
Alone beyond the grave
Death’s sweet voice is pleading
She’ll give me what I’m needing
And my spirit she will cradle
To stop my soul from bleeding

Beset by old age fears
Through adolescent years
False dreams of immortality
Then the dawning of reality
Whilst floundering in apathy
With comfort zone mentality

Now I cease to weep
Tears no longer seep
Death’s sweet voice is calling
To free me from life’s mauling
And my spirit she will cradle
As into her arms I’m falling

All bridges now are burned
Lessons have been learned
I found out the truth too late
And though I tried to mitigate
I faced the sabres of revenge
And the silenced guns of hate

Night closes in on day
I’ll soon be on my way
Death’s sweet voice is singing
Her bells of freedom ringing
And my spirit she will cradle
To soothe away life’s stinging

I saw dawn’s beginning
A universe was spinning
I saw the quirks of evolution
Sought the ultimate solution
Became victim to misfortune
Joined the pistil revolution

So now I say goodbye
Tears have all run dry
Death’s sweet voice is sighing
She is calm and pacifying
And my spirit she is cradling
As I’m laid here gently dying

So soon another year is dead
Carried away by death sweet voice
The rebirth of another year
Awaits the living
The dead  has no choice
But life continues

Amid heavy burdens and life unpleasantrie


The free bird patiently awaits the current
To experience yet another moment of flying
Trying to claim the sky
Having a feel of yet another great moment
The caged bird sings
Its sweet melody and great sounds
Makes a great sound melody
In the ears of its captive
Once a free bird,
Which hovered freely among
Many of its peers
Now lives at the mercy of its captives
The caged bird
Prays and sings for an answer from its maker
Now living at the ignorance of its captive
All that the caged bird sings about
Is for a time
When the cage door will be left unclosed
A moment it will gladly clinch upon
And will never  let it pass
A moment when all day singing will cease
Except at twilight
And mid-mornings
When it sings praises unto its creator
The caged bird sings for freedom‎
It sings for the hour grace
The  moment of ignorance on the side of its captive
‎Why the caged bird sings
You ought to know now
The caged bird sings for freedom
Freedom to once again
Flap its wings once more
To try once again
Try to claim the sky and name it after himself
Caged Bird,
Continue to sing and one day 
Your prayer will surely come to pass
An opportunity you will gladly clinch upon
A moment which you will never let it pass


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