3 Reasons Why a Person Should Wear a Condom

Many men are reluctant to use condoms during sexual intercourse because it is believed to reduce the enjoyment. But actually there are 3 reasons why a person should wear a condom.

There are various reasons that make people lazy to use a condom, for the male fear of reducing the sensation and hassle wear. While many women still shy to ask their partners to wear condoms.

For that there is a separate homework for manufacturers in figuring out how to make condoms as a safe tool to have sex without having to lose sensation.

Although often overlooked, but there are three broad reasons why one should use condoms during sexual intercourse, namely:
1. For birth control so they can avoid unwanted pregnancies.
2. To protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections.
3. As an additional protective or other backup method of birth are used (eg forgot to take birth control pills).

This is because the condom is one method of contraception or birth control (even for sterilization) which can be obtained easily and has a nearly 100 percent effectiveness rate.

“We recommend condoms as an effective method to maximize protection from unwanted pregnancy and also protect against sexually transmitted infections,” said Anne Foster Rosales, MD as chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate

Most people who have sexually transmitted infections do not know that he was infected. This condition is due to the absence of symptoms that appear so that he could unwittingly pass the infection to others.

To gain the maximum benefit, should condoms used correctly and appropriately. Try to always check the expiration date and put a condom on the penis before sexual contact with a partner.

Another important thing is to use a condom in accordance with the size because if it is too small or large can reduce the effectiveness of its protection, and use a new condom every time you have sex (not to be used over and over

Condoms made of latex much that sometimes contain ingredients harmful to the body. But a company to create a condom that is more environmentally friendly and safe for women.

Based on the U.S. office of the Global AIDS Coordinator is known that 9 out of 10 women in Africa do not have a condom for more than 2 months and condoms are available most of the use of chemicals that are harmful to women.

For that condom companies’ Love begins with L. ” established by an independent photojournalist Talia Frenkel worked with the Red Cross created a condom L. safe for women and sensitive skin, and is made with glycerin and paraben free lubricant designed to mimic the body’s natural lubricant.

Glycerin is derived from the non-veggies can cause problems such as fungal infections, while parabens strongly associated with health problems. Also designed packaging more environmentally friendly and reduce carbon footprint.

Frenkel believe that safe sex is the rights of every human being, because it takes attitude to protect and empower women’s sexuality. Frenkel began to realize the importance of using condoms after seeing the devastating impact of HIV / AIDS for women and children while he was working in Africa.

“My job documenting the impact of this epidemic and every day countless lives lost due to the absence of something that can be purchased by the community to provide protection,” Frenkel said, as quoted from Greenphropet.com, Tuesday (22/03/2011).

HIV / AIDS remains a major problem in some countries especially in sub-Saharan Africa. And Frenkel found that condoms are often not available there, but using condoms is one form of protection against transmission of HIV / AIDS.

In Africa, HIV / AIDS is an issue that can not be imagined. About 5,000 new transmissions occur within a day and 4,000 deaths per day, this means that there are approximately 22 million deaths from diseases that could have been prevented with reproductive health care better.

In addition to creating condoms L. friendly to the environment and women’s, ‘Love begins with L. ” also seeks to empower millions of young women in Africa by providing free contraceptives

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