Many Hugging Makes People Healthy And Happy

If you already have a pair frequently embraced as much cuddling makes people happy. This inner happiness makes people avoid the stress thus gaining a healthier body.

Caressing help improve marital satisfaction in long-term relationship. The study also found that the softness is more important for men than women, men were more likely to feel happy in a relationship and women tend to be more satisfied with their sexual relationship.

Research conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University included more than 1,000 couples from the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Spain who have been married for an average of 25 years. The participants ages 40 to 70 years.

Men are more likely to feel happy in her marriage if it is in good health and are important to them if the couple have an orgasm during sex. Often hugging and kissing can also predict the happiness of men, but not for women. Women and men feel more happy if the longer together and have sexual function with a higher level.

“Both men and Japanese women were significantly happier with the marriage than Americans, who are happier than Brazil and Spain,” said the director of the Kinsey Institute, Julia Heiman.

Sexual satisfaction in women and men related to the frequency of kissing and hugging, stroked by a spouse, sexual function is high, and frequent sex. For men, having more than one partner in life is a sign of lack of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction for women increased from time to time. Those who have been together with a partner for less than 15 years are less sexually satisfied, but satisfaction increased significantly after married for 15 years.

“Maybe women are more satisfied from time to time due to changing expectations or experience a change in his life as the development of children. On the other hand, they are not sexually satisfied may not maintain a marriage for so long,” Heiman said

The study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior explains that men are 2.6 times Japan’s claim to feel more sexually satisfied than American men, while the Japanese and Brazilian women more sexually satisfied than American women.

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