Red Color is Proven to Increase Male Sexual Arousal

There is a saying if you want to seduce a man wear a red shirt. Apparently it’s not just an expression, because the red color is proven to increase male sexual arousal. Even the man himself sometimes does not realize his passion increased when he saw a woman wearing a red shirt.

There are many interesting facts that explain why the color red synonymous with romance. From bright red to maroon color when Valentine, the color red has been associated with lust and romantic love for thousands of years.

A study conducted by psychologists from the University of Rochester attempted to answer the color question what makes men attracted to women.

In five experiments, Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta showed that the color red makes men feel more passionate about the women. Interestingly, men do not realize the impact of color for that interest.

“Psychologists and researchers in other disciplines have looked at the relationship between color and behavior. Much is known about the physics and color physiology, but very little is known about the psychology of color. It is interesting to find that color can have an effect on our behavior without knowing it,” said Elliot Scienceagogo

Although the effect of red may be due to the influence of social conditioning, researchers argue that the response of man to red from the biological point of view could be more powerful.

Research has shown that male primates are very interested in female primates show red color. Female baboons and chimpanzees, for example, when approaching the time of ovulation, they turn into red with a striking, sending sexual signals to attract males.

To quantify the red effect, the study looks at the response of men to pictures of women in various colors.

In one experiment, male subjects are shown photographs of women framed in red and white. Subjects were then asked to answer a series of questions, like: “How beautiful this person do you think?”

When using other colors such as green and blue, the color saturation and brightness levels equated. So that test results can not be attributed to differences in color tone.

In recent research, women’s shirts in the photos with red or blue colored digitally. In this experiment, he not only asked about his attraction to women, but his intention to bring a date.

One question asked was: “Imagine if you’re going out with this woman and have the money as much as U.S. $ 100 in your wallet. How much money you would be willing to spend on that date?”

The experimental results confirmed that the woman’s photo framed by or wearing red were judged more attractive and sexually desirable by men than women the same, but shown with other colors.

Effect of red color is only applicable to men and only a perception of attractiveness. The red color does not increase the level of attractiveness for women.

Although the findings are published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that the color red increases positive feelings, previous studies showed that the response to the red color can be different depending on the context.

For example, seeing red in competition situations, written examinations or sporting events, it can cause poor performance. These findings have clear implications only in terms of dating, fashion industry, as well as product design and marketing.

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