Period of Disability After a Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery commonly known as plastic surgery has increasingly become popular over the last couple of decades. Despite of its popularity, cosmetic surgery has extreme side effects. It is vital that the prospective client becomes aware of post cosmetic surgery side effects. When looking for information about certain cosmetic surgery procedures, it is imperative to comprehend the distinctiveness of each condition and experiences of each person. Please consult a cosmetic surgeon about a certain procedure and the outcome you expect if you have thought of undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

Each patient is unique on how they will withstand the pain after the surgery. Some patients will experience only a small discomfort while others may have an intense pain over an extended period. Michigan plastic surgeons may prescribe a suitable pain reliever after the procedure to help reduce the pain and discomfort. Liposuction is somewhat extra painful, and plastic surgeries that require increasing or thinning of the muscles – like abdominoplasty or enlargement of the breast have pain that is more often described as similar to that of a caesarian section.

The duration it takes to recover from cosmetic operation vary immensely depending on the plastic surgery performed and the individual who underwent the procedure. A number of patients will need help during the first two days of recuperation. Most patients can take care of themselves afterwards, although they may still require help if they have kids to nurse. Below is the precise periods of disability based on each surgical operation. The duration does not incorporate revisit to exercise.

Eyelid cosmetic surgery disability period is the shortest.  The patient can resume most of the normal functions after the second day. While wearing sunglasses, the individual could be at ease going shopping on day 4 or 3, as well as resume official duties by 5 – 7 days. A person who have undergone a facelift surgery can independently perform light tasks the third day after the cosmetic procedure. The individual can visit public places on day 5 – 7. It requires 10 – 14 days to recommence official assignments. Breast plastic surgery patients can undertake minor errands on their own on day two.  Although the patient can undertake extra duties at 5 – 7 days, they can not lift weights exceeding 6.8 Kilogram. Recuperating from abdominoplasty takes a bit longer and is similar to that of a C-Section. It requires approximately 2 – 4 days for one to perform some light chores. Resumption of work takes 10 – 14 days. The common procedure which many people seek from Michigan plastic surgeons, liposuction also takes 5 – 7 days for normal resumption of work.

Most of the plastic surgeons in Michigan tell patients to begin regular work slowly the second day after the surgical procedure. The nature of plastic surgery performed determines the additional medical directives given. These precautionary measures help to reduce the chances of developing complications. Some of the postoperative complications may include hemorrhage, inflammation, abnormal healing or scarring, accumulation of fluids in the body tissues, and extreme pain.


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