Metabolism: Your Body is a Powerhouse!

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Did you know that you can turn your body into a fat-burning powerhouse that will destroy your extra weight as you sleep? According to cardiologists, muscle tissue can burn calories up to 70 times faster than fat. Metabolism is a natural process that takes place in your body all the time – but you can use it to your advantage by increasing its calorie-burning power.

First of all, what is metabolism? It’s the process during which food is broken down into energy to power your body. This energy, in turn, is used for everything – from helping regrow a tiny scratch on your palm to constructing new muscle tissue. Better still, your body is smart enough to know when it needs more energy than usual – and when it does, it will increase your metabolism rate accordingly.

The higher your metabolism rate is, the faster your body will be breaking down food into energy. But it gets even better; it will also try to use up your energy reserves to power the body when needed. Those energy reserves are better known as fat, and are formed when you supply your body with more energy than it needs.

By now, you can see how having a higher metabolism rate can help you lose weight. But how can you increase your metabolism? Luckily, the answer is very simple. The easiest way to increase your metabolism rate is through strength training.

As you can imagine, the process of raising and lowering heavy things leads to more than just a feeling of complete desperation about the state of your body – it also causes your muscles to grow. Muscle mass is very metabolically active, which means that your body will always need energy to maintain it. As your body’s need for energy increases, so will your metabolism rate; eventually turning your body into a fat-burning machine that passively does its job as you go about your daily activities.

For best results, strength training should be done every other day. The reason is that every time you exercise, small tears will develop in your muscles. These tears are perfectly healthy, and will disappear if you give them time. This is one good reason why it’s always best to give your body some time to rest, but as you will see later, it’s not the only one!

Another great thing about strength training is that it also gives you a huge one-off metabolism boost in addition to the one you get from increased muscle tissue. The tears described above also need energy to regenerate, which means that, immediately after the exercise, your metabolism rate will increase for a period of time to help your muscles recover. This is the so-called “afterburn” effect that can last for up to 24 hours, depending on how hard you exercise, and it’s also why giving your body some time to relax is such a good idea.

As you can see, metabolism can be a very powerful tool for weight loss. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to bore yourself to death by jogging on the treadmill for hours without end. Strength training can be a lot more fun, and with the passive metabolism boost that you’ll gain at the end, you will not only look better, but burn fat faster!


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