Practicing Yoga For Balance

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An Indian Poet, Rabindranath Tagore said – the meaning of yourself cannot be found in the differences that exist from others and from God but it is the capacity of realization of union through Yoga.

Many people will think about complicated exercises and postures whenever they hear about yoga. However, yoga means union. The word ‘yoga’ comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, it means to unite to control. Yoga teaches breathing techniques, meditation and exercise to help the practitioner in achieving the highest spiritual and physical form. Using Yoga, you can reach the total overhaul of your body and spirit. It can also help you to maintain calmness and a peaceful state every day.

Traditionally, when someone is using Hatha Yoga then he has to use specific postures or asana and have to stay in that way for some time. The yoga asana will tone up all your organs and your body so that it can facilitate coordination between every body system. The muscles, nerves and joints become strengthened and breathing, digestive and circulatory systems are stimulated as well.

Breathing in itself is being enhanced because of the increased lung ability. Stress and tight clothes can cause breathing to become shallow. Yoga will teach you how you can use your breathing organs (abdomen, diaphragm, chest and lungs) to increase the oxygen that is taken in. This will charge your spirit and body with vital energy.

Proper breathing will also be used to balance your frame of mind. Anger will make your breathing shallow and sharp. Peace will bring healthy and deep breathing. Fear will make you to hold onto your breath and you can even suffocate. Pranayama methods involve the balancing of prana, (life-energy and breath) by the use of posture and breathing.

Yoga is the best exercise since it involves less risk of tissue and joint injury, it lowers calorie consumption and it focuses more on internal awareness since it optimizes on effort when compared to different forms of aggressive sports or exercises. Research supports the bio-chemical, psychological and physiological benefits of yoga.

You do not have to use expensive equipment and facilities in order of practicing yoga. What you need to have is just your mind, spirit and body together with a strong desire and enough discipline in achieving the spiritual and physical balance. 


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