Physical And Spiritual Well Being: Achieving The Balance

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The best secret to have a healthy body and mind is not to concentrate too much on the past and never become too worried about the future. You do not have to live anticipating troubles but you have to live in the present moment earnestly and wisely.

A man is a complex being, he has a mind which matters a lot and the body which is essential too. When a person’s both parts are in harmony, his life will sparkle with joy like a diamond. However when the two parts are in conflict with each other then it will result in a dismal situation like a lump of coal.

You may forget that you are not a physical being when you begin to experience your spiritual being. However, you need to undergo a physical experience to reach this spiritual being. A spiritual being will need the human body to explore life at its fullest and to propagate life around the earth. The material body also needs to look for a spiritual status to get motivated higher and to go beyond the animal instincts.

A balance has to be reached between your spirituality and physicality. There are too many ways and different aspects to achieve this. If you continue to read on, you will be able to explore all the Zen Buddhism, Qigong, and yoga techniques. These are all forms of meditation to help your mind join in harmony with the body.

A search for the three qualities which are taken as cornerstones of your life will also be explored in the 3 Pillars of Life. Spiritual food comes from laughter and Soul. The best medicine also will be taught in the following chapters.

Any disturbing influence on Phi-Psi balance is also discussed and the value of money in our lives will also be investigated. There is no discussion on spirit and body that can be talked about without talking about a better sexual relationship. One has to think about spiritual sexuality by pondering on sex and spirit. You also have take a closer look on reflections and the power of prayers.

Be ready to take part in this journey of self-exploration and you will be able to travel with the interface of your matter and mind.


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