How To Laugh Even On The Tightrope

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A sense of humor that is well developed is a pole that will add the much-needed balance to the steps when you find yourself walking on the tightrope of your life” – William Arthur Ward.

Imagine if you were walking on a street and you find a stranger who is standing on the street side. A small girl working while looking backwards, accidentally bumps into a fat man and the wind is knocked out of her. You and the stranger near you begin to laugh heartily. You look from one to another and you begin to smile as an acknowledgement. Even if you do not know one another, such jokes will create a brief cheery connection between you.

Sometimes your spirit can be lost and can be too distant from the physical body and it can take a good laugher to return to the present. Your spirit is also funny. Why there is a need to look at everything that concerns the spiritual only in the quest of enlightenment? You will not find spirits with long robes, carrying candles in lost dungeons. They do not choose to freeze on the top of the Himalaya half-naked with hermits as company. Your spirit resides in your body. This is not obvious since you take too much time in building your body and furnishing it with all shining things and you end up evicting and banishing the lawful resident to a damp and dark corner of your cellar.

You have to let the spirit come back into your living hall. Take him out for a drink and enjoy a good laugh with him. When he begins to laugh heartily, his laughter will ring into the rooms of your own body. In addition, it will resonate into your bones, veins, lungs and heart.

Take time to watch slapstick classics like Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin. You can also take time to roll down with Mr. Bean. Laughter will vibrate through your body. Do not titter at anything that you find funny, take time to laugh out at the downright hilarious.

When your spirit and body has been able to find one another because of a good laugh, they will walk along cheerfully in life. Laughter is one way that your mind will be able to say that nothing can be stronger than the soul. When you stop laughing or smiling then your spirit will begin to languish in the spirit cellar again and your body will start to feel miserable and cold again.

Therefore, you have to take the pole of laughter and you can begin to walk on life’s tightrope as heartily as you could. 


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