How Our Balance Gets Disturbed

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Drugs are just a waste of your time, they can destroy your own memory and you can lose your self-respect. This can also go along with the self-esteem: this was said by Kurt Cobain, the singer of grunge Band Nirvana.

However, what is sobering is that this man who had said such things succumbed to drug overdose himself. This reflects the deadly power of alcohol, narcotics, tobacco or any other addictions that can get a grip on the victim’s mind. The most important thing is to remember that when you follow the physical spiritual quest, the body is like a temple and your mind is like a high Priest. To give a chance to destructive forces such as addiction or any bad habit to take over your temple will only weaken and finally kill your mind which is the high priest.

Some drugs can induce a high level of altered consciousness. The problem is that any fantastic perception that you may experience will not remain for long. What will last long however is the addiction and you may have to pay a high price in the form of losing control and the illusion of enlightenment and power.

Food will also determine your spiritual outlook. You can say that someone is a tiger, a sheep or that he behaves like a vulture. Such archetypes come from food habits and they implicate the spiritual nature. Alcohol, red meats, tobacco, stale and fermented food will weaken the body temple. These foods can stress the circulatory, breathing and digestive system. Vegetarian food can bring a balance by using fats, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates that can be easily digested by the system and assimilated or excreted. In addition some foods can affect the neuro-transmitter, (when there is chemical in your brain) and they can also affect your daily functions of life like muscle coordination, sleep and memory. If you eat bad foods then you can change the way that you perceive the world since they can affect your mood.

This is where the maxim that you will become what you eat came to be used. If you eat balanced food with enough water and good exercising while staying away from any toxic habits, you will be ensuring that the temple of your own body will keep shining and clean. If you search within your own mind then you will be able to achieve the altered consciousness if you use meditation without the need of alcohol and drugs.

Fasting regularly in the correct manner can help you to cleanse the body from free radicals that cause ageing and undesirable toxins. If you take a small amount of food or consume nothing at all for some days, you will give your body the ability to excrete all accumulated waste elements and you can rebuild your stressed body. If you combine meditation and fasting then it will be a good way to give your body a much-needed break and you will give it a chance to get acquitted with your spiritual high Priest. 


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